Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's been goin' on...

We got here on Tuesday and have been busy ever since. We automatically started looking for an apartment to live in. We found a wonderful 3 bed 2 bath on the 14th floor of a high rise building. Daniel prefers to live much lower, and i don't really mind too much.

I forget how long it takes to do things here and how different it is. We walk most places, which means you don't want to carry anything too heavy for very long.

We have several import stores in our city. A bag of Sun Chips costs about $9, a bottle of vanilla extract about $12. But Daniel and i can both eat great local food for about $2-$3. It's a trade off.

Our lives look so different here, much different than i was even prepared for. When i lived overseas before i knew i would only be there for about 2 years or so. But now, we've sold most of our things, and plan to really settle in here. I've never had to set up house in a new country before. It's very new to me, and strange.

But we love it here. We're ready to be settled in our apartment and get into some type of routine (if possible ha!) and really start living among those around us. Sometimes i can't believe i'm here. It feels like it's taken forever and been such a long journey, but i'm beyond thankful that i am living where i am, among a people i love.



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