Thursday, May 31, 2012

In laws take on Asia

Late, so very late last Monday night, Daniels' parents arrived for a week long visit. I have been looking forward to their visit for months!!! I knew I was excited to see them, but when I saw them walk through our front door I teared up immediately-there is just something about seeing family and having them close after a long period of time (in this case a year).

We just spent a few minutes chatting, then we all went to bed because it was late and i'm not 22 anymore. Heck, I'm not not even in my 20's anymore.....sad day.

Anyways.....the next day was their anniversary so I surprised them with a cookie cake so we could celebrate!

No was GOOD!

The first day they were here we pretty much just hung around the house and caught up on life. I made a new recipe from Pinterest, called doughnut muffins, and they were delish!! I actually made these twice this past week.

Wednesday we took them to a local tourist attraction just a few minutes from our house.

Before we left the house I had to take a picture of all of our shoes. I'll give you one guess as to which shoe is mine, ha!

 Sherry and I enjoyed "retail therapy" as she calls it :) We had so much fun AND we convinced them both to get a Starbucks (albeit hot chocolate) with us.

I love all of these pics. The Starbucks in each hand just makes me smile!

While we were out, we found cherries!!! They just started coming back into season and I was SO excited!!!I've probably eaten 2 pounds in the last week.

That night Steve & Sherry were great sports and tried eating with chopsticks (it was Asian cuisine). I LOVE Steve's face in this picture!

Sherry, going for it!

On Thursday I made pigs in a blanket. I've been saving these lil smokies for a long time! And yes, I did make my own crescent roll dough. They were so yummy!

We also had chocolate chip pumpkin bread.....why not put chocolate in everything is my motto.

Thursday we walked around our area for a little while, showed them where Daniel goes to school, and continued to eat.

Almost every night we played spades, girls against boys. Let's just say the girls didn't dominate. But we had so much fun, I haven't played this much cards in a looong time!

Stay tuned!



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