Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random catch up

So sorry for the long delay in between posts! I would claim I'm busy, but really i feel like who isn't these days?


Last Sunday night, Daniel and I had a date and went out for dinner and a movie. We went to a western restaurant then walked (in the pouring rain) to the movie theatre to see Avengers.

Daniel ordered chimichungas:

And I had the chicken Caesar salad. I feel like salads here are a huge treat! I have never made a salad at home because it just takes too much work washing all the vegetables and making salad dressing. I appreciate it a lot more when someone else does it :)

After dinner, we walked by an import store to pick up a treat for the movies. And lo and behold they had Milk Duds!!! I would never normally just buy Milk Duds to eat, but because they are a treat here and I completely associate them with movie food, I bought them and devoured every single one. They were uber good. Daniel bought Reese's Pieces.

Last week I was out running an errand or something and saw this. Now, I'm not judging them, but I thought it looked a little crazy!

Also, this past week we had some friends over for dinner. Food was in the crock pot and I came home from class about 3:30. When I walked in, Daniel warned me not to look in our bathroom.

Our bathroom fan went out about 6 months ago.

It took the repairman a few hours to fix it...apparently the motor was complete dead. He had it fixed right as our friends arrived. And of course, this all happened the day after the house was just cleaned :)

Oh, and I forgot to share this was taken the day we left the mountains. Isn't it gorgeous?

I'll blog again tomorrow about our weekend, it was amazing!!!!



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