Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monkeys and elevators

I haven't run in over 10 weeks. I know there's a lot of debate about if running is safe in pregnancy or not, and I always thought I would run while pregnant because I'm pretty convinced it's okay. However....because of all the travelling and just not feeling great the first trimester, I chose to walk instead.

I was pretty good about walking, trying to get in an hour of walking a few days a week. However......the heat index has been hanging around 106 and I mostly have time to walk in the afternoons.....which is why I haven't.

I have been feeling pretty sluggish because I haven't intentionally been exercising. I've been trying to walk at least 30 minutes a day, but that doesn't always happen, and have I mentioned the cookies I've been eating?

Anyways..... I had stopped my gym membership for the month of June since I was going to the States, and then July was so crazy with us travelling and being gone, and then throw in that I get evening sickness and not morning-before you know it, it's been 12 weeks since I've been to the gym.

So I made up my mind that tonight was the night....I was going back to spin class no matter what! 

So after dinner tonight I filled up my water bottle, squished myself into my workout clothes, and headed out. 

As I was approaching the gym, I saw several people impatiently waiting for the elevator. As i got closer, I saw them decide to take the stairs. The elevator arrived right as I was walking up, so I got in. But not before I saw THE MONKEY that was sitting on the stairwell that leads to the gym.

A monkey....really?! I hate monkeys.....they're sneaky and dirty and who knows where they've been.

So after spin class, (which went quite well), I took the elevator down. However, once it reached ground level the doors didn't open. It just stayed there with me locked inside listening to the voices on the outside. Then I started to panic. It was really hot in that elevator. Every button I pushed, nothing happened and nothing lit up.

Was this an emergency? Could I justify pushing the alarm button? And how much language do I know to be able to say "I'm stuck in an elevator, can you please help me." I technically knew every word but 'stuck,' the most important one.

Anyways, after praying for what felt like forever, the elevator started going back up. The doors finally opened back at the gym.

I high-tailed it out of there, and took the stairs. (you know see where this is going?)

As I was reaching the bottom of the stairs, I thought, there is no way that monkey is still there. 


I reached the bottom of the stairs and the scary monkey (with no owner might I add) was running back and forth on the handrail, making obscene noises that scared me to death.

I managed to make it out alive, but kept looking over my shoulder to see if the monkey was following me.

Now I'm faced with a big time I go to the gym, do I risk being stuck in an elevator and sweating to death, or take my chances with the monkey??

I think I'll go learn how to say "stuck."




  1. I'm cracking up at how normal you sound when you mention the monkey. like oh there's a monkey, with the same enthusiasm as oh there's the sky..

  2. It sounds like the gym now has its own mascot. Eek! I'm glad you made it out of the elevator and past the scary monkey okay.