Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Rewind

This past week was pretty eventful and fun, I feel like a lot of great things happened.

First, Tuesday I had my appointment for the DS risk blood test (get the results in a week). My dr's office is pretty far away, but there's a McDonald's next to it. So i got up early (my dr always wants me there by 8), ate a delicious breakfast then headed to the appointment.

I honestly thought I would just have the blood test and go, but the dr let me hear the heartbeat first-150! It was a great surprise to hear the heartbeat again. So then he asked me to step on the scale. And I made the comment I had just eaten a big breakfast. He looked at me and said "oh you ate?" I was like "mmmhmmmm yeah why?" 

Apparently in the EA no matter what kind of blood test it is, they want you to fast. Probably would've been good to know. So i got to get up early the next day and head back. They also don't give band-aids here when they draw blood. Luckily Daniel is always prepared and had one with him. So we went to McDonald's after my appointment, but I only ate a breakfast sandwich, not the whole meal. You know, everything in moderation right?

I also found out recently, that a Toys R Us just opened in our city, and they carry Babies R Us items too! So we made the trek out to the new mall to see what they had.

I was pretty impressed to be honest. It wasn't anything like going to a real Babies R Us, but they did have a large selection of Tommee Tippee, and a few good options of Fisher Price play mats.

The mall also had an import store that I wanted to check out. They had a lot of great options, but they were WAY overpriced, even for imports. But we did find caffeine free Coke-so I splurged and bought a couple. 

I've been craving doughnuts lately. I must have been out of mind this day, because I walked right past these and didn't even buy one! Ugh.....regret.

And in other big news (to me at least), I ran this past Friday. It was my first time to run in over 12 weeks. Sadly, i forgot to charge my shuffle, so it was also the first time running without music in about 2 years. 

I took it slow and ran 1.4 miles. I thought i would feel really different running pregnant, but other than just feeling way out of shape, it felt about the same. I was so excited that it went well and I felt SO good afterwards. I've been walking and going to spin, but nothing really compares to a good run. 

I will have to slow it down a little bit more though. I took my heart rate and it was 150, and word on the street is that I need to keep it below 140 while preggo. So that just gives me another excuse to run slow and not feel bad about it. I'm hoping to get another run in this week. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!



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  1. Whatever those donut/cake things are you can just find a way to mail them here!