Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Details....

Thank you for all the the kind words on twitter, facebook, and the blog-we are so excited!!!

Let's backtrack a little.....

In October of last year, we decided that we would go off the pill in March. March came, and we went off the pill. We didn't really tell anyone that we were trying, because not knowing how long it would take to get pregnant, I didn't want any added pressure. And already being married, 30, and childless you get enough pressure when you're not trying that I certainly didn't want to add to it.

Two months later we became pregnant! At the time, it honestly felt like we'd been trying forever. I always thought we would get pregnant the first month. When we didn't, I slowly realized it could take a long time. Looking back now, I realize trying for 2 months is hardly anything at all. But in the moment, it seemed much longer.

I was supposed to "start" on June 1st. On Thursday May 31, I figured I would take a pregnancy test, because I was planning on going to kickboxing that night, and if I was pregnant, I wasn't going to go. (sidenote, when we were on vacation in February we bought a pregnancy test because we found one in english).

So I took the test that afternoon, and it was negative. So I drank a coke and went to kickboxing. June 1st came and went without anything. Which for me, is VERY abnormal. I'm like clock work. So I started to wonder if we could possibly be pregnant.

I realized that the pregnancy tests we could buy in our city, would A. not be in English, and B. not be extremely accurate, so we figured the longer we waited to take another test, the better. This killed me to wait!!! But Daniel and I agreed I would take a test Wednesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon, I just couldn't take it and if I was pregnant, I really wanted to know before Daniel, so I could tell him, ha! So I went to a nearby pharmacy and asked for a pregnancy test. Of course, I then asked how to use it because I couldn't read the instructions. After a lot of charades, I figured I could just wing it. And yes, the test cost me $2.

Daniel was in class, and I took 2 tests.

The tests didn't have a plus or minus, but I knew if there was a second line, it meant positive. 

I was kind of in shock and disbelief. I just couldn't believe it!

I researched and realized that if I was about 4 weeks along, the baby was the size of a poppy seed. So when Daniel was out of class, I put a poppy seed in his hand, and said "do you know what this is?" He thought we had some type of weird bug problem. So I told him, "This is the size of our baby!" Then we hugged and I started crying!!

That Friday I took another test, and Sunday morning I took another one. They were both positive!

So....we found out officially on June 5th that we were expecting! And I boarded a plane on June 10th for the States. I'm glad we found out before I went, but it was pretty hard on Daniel to not share it with anyone. I told my parents and sister when I saw them. Remember, Sarah's preggers too. She is TO THE DAY 8 weeks ahead of me, how cool is that?!!?

Because of all the risks in the first trimester, we decided to just tell family and a few close friends until we were further along. I went to the dr in the States and she confirmed I was pregnant, but it was too early to do an ultrasound.

So when I got back to EA, I went to a local dr that speaks English. He did an ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat on July 3rd. The baby was SO tiny on our first ultrasound, I couldn't believe it.

Yesterday we went back and heard the heartbeat and had another ultrasound. They were trying to do the NT test, but the baby was moving around so much they couldn't do it. Apparently our child is active! We saw 2 arms, 2 legs, the spine, the heartbeat, the head, and a little belly! And for maybe the third time during my pregnancy, I cried, ha!

I'm ending my 14th week tomorrow, and I'll start doing weekly preggo recaps. I also feel like I have tons to write about because I feel like I've known for so long and haven't shared hardly any of it! 

Below are my belly shots. Yes, I realize I'm wearing the same outfit in 3 of the pictures. Trust me, they were taken different days. Apparently I need to branch out in the wardrobe department a little bit.

 I think week 12 I had a little belly, but not sure where it went this week?

14 week recap will be tomorrow!




  1. The poppyseed part made me cry, that is sooo sweet! Wonderful hearing your voices last night! Love all THREE of you!

  2. I'm with Shelly, love the poppy seed story - what a creative way to share the news with Daniel!

  3. Congratulations! I love the poppyseed idea!