Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's all about her

But seriously, all of my pics nowadays are Paige. Which I don't mind at all-she makes me happy!

(this is when we were first trying to swaddle just no arms. that lasted about a day)

So when we last spoke, I mentioned we were about to stop the swaddle. Homegirl was getting out of it several times a night and my sleep is worth so much to me.

So we transitioned to a sleep sack, which to me is basically no swaddle at all. It's basically just a good extra layer. The first day she didn't nap as well. That night we prayed HARD! We were so prepared to have a long night of constant waking and fussing. But she woke up twice during the night and very quickly put herself back to sleep. It was amazing! Each night gets better and better and I am very glad that we are done with the swaddle phase.

She still looks so tiny in her crib! She always sleeps with her arms out like that.

She's been sleeping a good 10 hours at night. We put her down at about 7:30ish, I wake her for a dream feed, and then she sleeps till about 7:30 or so. But, the last week we've been having to wake her up between 7:30 and 8. So I've been pushing the dream feed up each night by 15 minutes. And we've still had to wake her. So last night I bumped it up another 15 minutes-to 9 pm. She fed great and went back to sleep.

At 2:50am she was crying pretty hard. Much different than just a normal fuss. So we changed her diaper, consoled her, she just would not go back to sleep. She wasn't hungry, so I ended up rocking her. But she didn't even get the droopy eye or anything! She just let me rock her, while she just laid their all quiet and content. But awake! So we put her back in bed and she cried again. We let her cry for a few minutes then Daniel rocked her. Within minutes she was out...it was almost 4:30 by this time.

(her bottom looks all big and squishy here because she's wearing an outfit she's growing out of with a cloth diaper)

Then 5:30 came and she was up again! But this time it was her normal "talking" and she put herself back to sleep pretty quick.

Then at 6:45 she was up and crying. I figured she might be hungry, so I went to pick her up. She was definitely ready to eat!!! I have no idea what happened last night, but i'm hoping it was a fluke and she goes back to her regular schedule tonight. I keep waiting for the 3 month growth spurt. The last one was so hard. I thought after last night she might be starting it, but she's been eating and sleeping close to her regular schedule.

Of course this all happens right after I tell my sister how great Paige sleeps at night, and how she doesn't wake up at all. Paige 1, Parents 0. (it's probably more like Paige-567, Parents-1)

(this is how we spend our friday nights. we like to live on the edge)

Mother's Day post coming soon!



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  1. I tried one night to get her to sleep without the swaddle and it was horrible! I don't know how we're gonna do it!