Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Thursday

Not too much is going on here today.

Paige took a long 2+ hour nap this morning. Then decided sleeping is for the birds and took only two 30 minutes naps after that. Every morning nap she sleeps long and good. But lately the naps after that are really short. I know according to Babywise this is when she starts staying awake longer, but she's supposed to be still taking good naps. So I'm not sure what to do. It's hard to know that we are entering a new phase, but not really sure what that looks like exactly or how to know when we are 'there.'

The last two nights she's slept so well and not even made a peep or woken up to jibber jabber at all. I slept from 10:30-6:30 last night, and it was wonderful!!! 

I am loving how alert and aware Paige is becoming. She's starting to respond to the games we play with her, the noises we make, and is noticing everything around her. 

We are full on in cloth diapers now. I'll have to do a separate post on that. It's not too complicated, and I'm enjoying it. Especially the saving money part. I've been drying the diaper covers, because you can-but just read recently that it's better to air dry them so they'll last longer. Since I don't really want to be buying new ones when we have another little kiddo, I figured might as well.

We don't have any outside space, or a good place to line dry things. And our bedroom window is the best place for direct sunlight-so there ya go. They actually just take a few hours to dry-so it's not too bad. We have enough diapers now for her to wear them while we wash and dry the dirty ones. 

We tried going for a walk tonight, but it started to rain, so back inside we came. I want to run tomorrow but it's likely to be raining or pretty wet, so we'll see. 

I had class today and it went really well. I lost a bit of language when we were in the States-but i'm trying to get it to all come back. With language there are good days and bad. Sometimes you feel great like you're really getting a hold of it, then sometimes someone tells you the simplest thing that you've heard a million times and you draw a blank.

anyone else out there learning a second or third language?



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