Monday, May 27, 2013


Saturday I was making brownies, and needed an egg. I feel like the eggs here are smaller than the ones in the States. So when I went to get an egg from the fridge, I noticed one looked a lot bigger than normal. So I cracked the egg into the bowl and 2 yolks came out!!! Maybe this is common, but I have never seen this before! Daniel usually buys our eggs at the market, and he said he noticed they were bigger than usual. He had also found a couple that had 2 yolks. My first thought was, oh my gosh, twins!!!

This was Paige last night. She fell asleep in my arms, then we put her in the bouncer. So cute.

Speaking of twins......yesterday we were getting ready to head out and I put Paige in the dress that my sister and I wore when we were babies. When my mom first showed it to me, I  was convinced it was doll clothes and my mom was just confused. But the tag actually says 0-3 months, so I guess it's safe to say the dress is for real.

It has "I love Granny" embroidered on it. I wish I had a picture of when I was wearing it as a baby.

We tried to get her to smile, but it was almost time for her nap. Not that it mattered, with being away from home yesterday she missed two naps. But she did take a long afternoon nap that was lovely!

I just can't take the cuteness!!!! Seriously, the little ruffles and collar! agh, too much!

We didn't really do too much this weekend......Friday night Daniel taught english corner and Paige and I hung out, again with her falling asleep in the bouncer. Saturday, Daniel taught class in the morning and I watched an episode of Call the Midwife. That afternoon we ran errands and got ready for company we had for dinner. Yesterday we met with some friends, ate at McDonalds, then just rested most of the afternoon.

Speaking of McDonald's-I can't remember if I had already you this or not. But.....almost all the McDonald's here have a Mon-Fri lunch special where you can get any of their value meals for about $2.50. And I'm talking the regular meals-burger, fries and a drink. It's a steal! We get McDonald's about once a month or so. I know......BUT it's really the only good Western fast food here. So it always feels like a treat. And it's so cheap, it's hard to pass that up! 

Happy Memorial Day!



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  1. I think that dress is doll clothes- and your little baby is the doll!

    She is aDORAble!