Thursday, August 22, 2013

My First Bite

So solids.....

About a month ago, I was LOATHING the idea of starting solid food! Nursing is so easy, I didn't want to add anything to it. Especially with making my own baby food. I was convinced I wouldn't start solids until Paige was over 6 months old.

But then Paige kind of put herself on the 4 feedings/day schedule, and I felt like I needed to start solids too. When I read all about the signs a baby shows when they are ready for solids, Paige had been there for a few weeks. I honestly think I could've started even earlier. But I was convinced that I didn't need to. So glad I'm learning as I go :)

My mom brought cereal when she came in July. I picked up the spoons and stuff at the local Babies R Us store. I really like the little Babies R Us brand containers-they are a great size and the lids snap really well. I also like the spoons because they change color if they get too hot.

So.....we tried cereal for the first time on August 4th. The first 3 days, Paige mostly just spit it out or let it run out of her mouth. I thought for sure she would never quite grasp how this works. But about the fourth day, it clicked and she LOVES it now! She is such a good eater! 

Right now I nurse on one side, she eats her solids, then I nurse the other side. When I first read this method, I thought LAMERS...who wants to stop in the middle of nursing just to offer a few bites of cereal?? But it really does work best for us. If I finished nursing then try to feed Paige, she is too full. And I like being able to offer her liquid after she eats.

For the first 2 weeks she ate only cereal, working herself up to 3 times a day, about 1-2 tablespoons each time. Then I offered pumpkin. She ate it, but based on her faces, she is not a fan, ha!

After 4 days of pumpkin, she tried apples. I really thought she would take to them since they are sweet, but she doesn't seem to really care. She loves cereal the most right now. After 2 more days of apples, she will get carrots, then bananas. I'm following the Babywise II approach combined with this book. I mostly follow the books, but depending on our schedule for the day I switch things up a bit. When we run out of this cereal, I'm going to try another grain-like oat or barley. 

She likes it, i promise! 



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