Tuesday, August 13, 2013

She'll be comin round the mountain

Last Thursday we took our first trip to the mountains as a family of 3. Daniel had traveled thru a few times before, but had never spent any real time. And it was me and Paige's first time to these mountains. I have traveled to the mountains before, but not these mountains. clear yes?

Anyways, the altitude is between 8-9000 feet. It's a little high for the kiddo. But the doctor said she should be fine and to just watch Paige for anything unusual. I'll admit that I was a bit nervous.

We left early Thursday morning. We borrowed a car seat for Paige, because we don't have a car or a car seat. We rented a van and a driver and us along with 3 friends headed up to the mountains about 9 hours away.

This is how we secured Paige's car seat. I kept thinking of my sister the whole time and how this would never fly in America.

Paige did GREAT in the car!! I was a little worried considering she hadn't been in one since she was 6 weeks old, and that was for about 45 minutes.  One thing that is nice about not having any rules regarding child safety in cars here, is that I could just pick her up and nurse her without having to stop the car. Hard to do on a bumpy, windy road with a monk sitting next to you. But it's whatever.

Everywhere we went the locals would flock to Paige and ask to hold her. Some moms (especially first timers) might be intimidated to do this, especially when they take her outside and I couldn't see her. But for someone to willingly hold Paige so I could eat my dinner using both hands....yes please.

We had breakfast most mornings at the hostel. There is a "grandpa" that works there and he would instantly come get Paige. I didn't get a picture of him holding her, but it was the most precious thing ever!

The weather was wonderful!!! We've been dealing with heat and humidity in our city and because we were at higher altitude we were running the heater at night! It was glorious!!! 

We stayed at a little hostel. We shared a bathroom with a 6 person dorm room next to us. And yes, this is my idea of roughing it. The hostel is up on the side of the mountain, so it's a little bit of a trek to and from town. But there was an amazing coffee shop down the mountain, so I could easily justify all of my treats!

Paige is pondering the deeper things of life.

We got back yesterday and I don't know the last time I was so tired. Actually yes, I do. I haven't felt this tired or worn out since right after having Paige. The main difference, is that there isn't anyone here telling me to go lay down while they hold the baby then offering to go get me Wendy's. 



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