Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paige at 6 Months

She's half a year old!!!!! Oh my goodness, that's crazy!

Paige turned 6 months on the 19th! We had her check up this past week and things are looking good! I have so many pictures because we seriously think she changes more and more every day.

6 Months Stats:

Weight: 7.1 kilos or 15.7 lbs (45%)
Length: 66 cm or 26 inches (45%)
Size Diaper: OneSize BumGenius Diapers, and Pampers Medium at night
Size Clothes: 3-6 months, she can still fit into a few 3 months
Sleep: Naps are 9-11 and 1-3. She dropped her evening catnap. She goes to bed at about 7 and sleeps till 7 the next morning. The past 3 days I had to wake her at 7:30 and sang hallelujah choruses!
Feedings: 7am-nurse, 11am-nurse with about 1 tbs of a new solid food, 3pm-nurse with 2Tbs cereal and 1 Tbs solid food, 7pm-nurse

So far she's had rice cereal, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, and banana. She loves cereal the most!

Speaking of feedings.....we had to really back off on solids. Paige is SO interested in them and would eat them all the time. She starts to get upset when we are eating and she isn't. I was nursing on one side, offering solids, the nursing the second side. But she quickly started to nurse much less and not eating the second side at all. I had my crazy meltdown about how I wasn't ready for her to self-wean (there were a few tears), I decided it was better to nurse both sides, then solids. Because milk supply has never been my issue, so I know she doesn't need lots of solids to supplement or anything. And for the love, she's only 6 months. Daniel and I joke all the time that I'll never wean Paige. I love nursing!!!!

She is now officially sitting up on her own. I still sometimes put the boppy or a pillow behind her, but for the most part, she sits all on her own!

Look Mom-no hands!!! (and I could just die over the cuteness of this bunny outfit!)

This past month there were several milestones!!! Paige got her first tooth on the 20th! Teething wasn't too bad. I've heard so many horror stories about how bad teething is, but she did pretty well. Paige loves her mesh chew toy. Right now we just put ice in it and she goes to town!

She is also rolling everywhere now!! We put her down, turn our backs for a second, then have to go find her. She loves to roll around and scoot everywhere!

Paige reading her favorite book-Sheep in a Jeep!

It's getting a lot harder to get her to cooperate for pictures. She seems to smile every time we don't have the camera in our hands. And she wants to be mobile! She gets on all 4's and just tries to scoot and scoot. 

She gets upset when she realizes she's not moving as fast as she'd like. Heaven help us when she starts crawling!

This month Paige watched her first football game!!! We have a pretty strict no-TV rule until she's 2. But Daniel found the pre-season LIVE Green Bay Packer game and that rule went right out the window. Because while we don't want Paige watching TV right now, we're bigger believers in training her up in the way she should go. And that means cheering for the Pack! :)

Paige is such a good baby! Not like in a braggy-look-at-me-my-kid-is-so-great-way, but in a Praise the Father He gave us an easy baby I'm so extremely grateful way. She makes me want to have 10 kids and nurse them all till their 5, hahahahaha! j/k...sort of.....(i know i'm scaring my sister right now)

She's my little cupcake and i adore her!

Happy 6 months Paigerator!!!! We love you!!!



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