Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paige at 12 Months

My baby girl is officially a year old. But that doesn't make her a toddler yet. She is still a baby. Forever. yes?

I'm going to say this for about the millionth time.....where did this past year go?? How is it possible that my little baby is over a year old? That little baby who didn't even know she had hands, now is feeding herself and waving bye-bye. Where did this little girl go??

We went to the doctor this week for her 12 month check up. We are at my parents in Illinois right now, so we actually saw Paige's pediatrician from when she was born. It's her first time to do her actual check up and shots at a pediatrician's.

12 Month Stats:

Weight: 18.5 lbs- 29% 
Height: 27 1/2 inches -4% 
Size Diaper: Size 3, FuzziBunz Mediums, and BumGenius OneSize (i still love cloth diapers!)
Size Clothes: 12-18 months
Size Shoes: 3 1/2
Sleep: It's been a weird month for sleep. Her average is going to bed at 7:15-7:30, and talking for about 20 minutes before falling asleep. She also has been waking up before 7, but we let her stay in her crib and "talk" until 7. I'm so glad she plays well in her crib! Her naps are usually 9:15-11, and 2-3:30.
Feedings: I nurse at 7, 11, 3 and 7. I'm probably going to start weaning the 3 and 11 soon. On the record, I don't want to wean at all. But with our schedules and traveling, I feel like I need to. In my perfect world, I would probably nurse her for several more months. I do plan to nurse morning and night for a few more months. So I'm not looking at it as weaning right now, but just going to fewer feedings.

Breakfast is normally oatmeal or eggs with fruit. Lunch and dinner are mostly whatever we are eating, sometimes jarred baby food depending on what we are eating or where we are. She does great with table food and I like her eating what we do. She loves pasta, blueberries, and cheese. Depending on what time she wakes up from her afternoon nap, she will either get a snack or a small meal, then she eats with us again when we eat dinner. Her biggest meal of the day is at this time. 
Teeth: 6-4 on top and 2 on bottom, but she's about to get at least one more. She has been teething like crazy this past week.

Just for fun, here are MY stats from when I was 1. Here's me and my sister at 1 and 3.

Weight: 16 1/2 lbs
Height: 26  3/4 inches

I wasn't even on the growth chart when I was 1. Crazy.

Paige's birthday was on Wednesday the 19th, but we had her party with friends and family on the 22nd, that Saturday. The party will be a separate post. 

(excuse my tired look, i haven't slept well in weeks)

I really wanted Paige's first taste of chocolate to be at her party with her first cupcake, so to celebrate her on her special day, we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. There actually isn't one too close to us, it's about a 20 minute drive. And poor thing woke up with a runny nose too. (sidenote, she still has it.)

I got their Brownie Batter donut-to die for! I ate these a lot last year when I was pregnant. So delish! We gave Paige a couple of donut holes.

Paige has had sugar about three times in her entire life, so I thought this would be a big deal. She was not impressed. And ate them like it was anything else.

Some friends sent Paige a birthday package that had a little baby doll. She LOVES babydoll's! She walks around just patting and hugging them. It is the cutest thing ever. I was glad she had something to open on her birthday, since we were waiting till Saturday to give her our gifts. 

Grandma also brought home the cutest cupcake headband. I was surprised at how long Paige wore it....she looked so adorable!

The biggest change this past month, is that Paige is officially a walker. Right after she turned 11 months, she just took off. She has stopped crawling all together, she loves to walk. 

She can say and wave hi, bye, and ball. She says Mama and Dada a lot, but not specifically to us. I know she knows who we are, but doesn't call us anything yet. I am looking forward to when she starts calling me Mama.  

Some of her favorite things are carrying her babydoll, going outside, walking, eating, and bathtime. 

This past year has been amazing. I LOVE being a mom. It's not perfect all the time, but I absolutely love it. I love being able to be home with Paige. I know it's not for everyone and everyone has different circumstances, but I am beyond thankful to have so much time with her. Seeing her change everyday has been amazing. I can't believe how fast she grows and learns. We are learning boundaries and how to respond when we don't get our way. There are days that i'm amazed at how well she listens and days where I'm like oh my gosh when is bedtime???? ha!

I pray constantly for Paige's health. The Father has been so gracious to us! Paige has only had one ear infection and has (so far) never had a fever. I am amazed at this and know that it's not luck or something i'm doing-it is purely the grace of God. I daily give Him thanks and ask for His continued protection over her. 

I am so excited to see how much Paige learns and grows this next year. I know this past year has been a lot of change for her, lots of travel and living in different countries and homes. And I can almost guarantee this next year will be the same. But she's been a rockstar through it all!!

Happy Birthday Paigers!!!!!!


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