Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sudden Quick Trip

Last Sunday I was talking to my sister on the phone and we were lamenting the fact that we haven't had tons of time together while we've been in the States. We started talking about me flying to Houston to just hang out and spend a few days. It was one of those things that we were half serious half kidding. It felt a little crazy and short notice to fly to Houston, especially since Sarah will be coming up to Illinois with the kids next week. But Daniel and I were talking it out, and big picture, I don't get to see Sarah that often, and when we go back to Asia this coming September, I know opportunities to see her will be very few and far between. 

(i love this picture because paige looks like a little rag doll)

So the day was seized and I bought a ticket to fly to Houston the next day to stay for 8 days. And then Daniel decided to drive to Oklahoma for the week to see his family. He surprised his parents and had a great time with everyone! (sorry i don't have pics from his week)

Paige has flown many times in her short little life. However, flying with her now that she is mobile and takes less naps, is a whole other world. By the end of the trip back I was lecturing Paige that she would be taking a boat back to Asia because I would never fly with her again. (i'm kidding) (kind of)

Anyways, we landed after 10 on Monday night and headed to Sarah's house. Sarah's youngest is 11 weeks older than Paige. But we took them to the doctor in the same week, and they weighed the exact same 20.8 lbs and were both 30 inches tall. Adelyn is in the 7% for height and weight, bless her heart.

The girls played okay together. Adelyn was a little territorial with her toys and might have been a little rough physically with Paige. But we overcame and we will start teaching Paige how to fight back this week. :)

When we went shopping, we tried putting both girls in the little car. Paige however, refused to sit on the seat, but insisted she sit on the bottom. This picture was taken before Adelyn tried to kick Paige out of the car, ha!

We did some really fun things with the cousins while we were there! Sarah's neighborhood has a splash pad, and Paige had the time of her life! I love giving Paige experiences that I know she may not have when we move back. It makes the little things extra special.

We went to the park and played outside a lot. Paige has a mop of hair, and her head is naturally hot. Poor thing sweats on her head a lot. So to help her out, this happened and I died over the cuteness.

We got a great surprise while we were there. Our cousin, Skee, called and said he was in town! Skee lives in Europe for his job and is quite the world traveler. I haven't seen him in a few years, and he has never met Paige, so it was great getting together.

Paige loved Uncle Skee!

Sarah and I had great sister time. It's great being with someone who has a child at the same stage as yours to do life with-we can change their diapers, feed them, and take care of them like they're our own. So even though the days can seem long, having support all day long was just lovely.

The week was a huge blessing to me. Sarah and I had to much fun and our time together was exactly what I needed. We flew back yesterday and spent today recovering. 

Miss ya'll and hope everyone is doing well!

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