Thursday, June 26, 2014

The best thing to ever come out of girls weekend

Three years ago, before Daniel and I headed to East Asia, Sarah and I had a girls weekend in Fredricksburg, Texas. It was amazing!! And we loved the B&B we stayed at. 

Since Daniel and I are headed back to EA this fall, we figured another girls trip was in order. We realllly wanted to go back to Fredericksburg, but with me in Illinois that made it a bit more complicated. So we decided to go to Branson, Missouri. We both had never been there and we found another cute B&B to stay at. We're a sucker for a good breakfast. 

We stayed at Hummingbird Inn. It had an amazing view and yummy food. Also, probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in!!

We drove down Wednesday and stayed 2 nights. The first night we went to The Landing and walked around.

We ate dinner at yummy mexican restaurant and found a few good deals we couldn't pass up. As we were driving home that night, the sun was setting and we saw fireflies as we drove. We both haven't seen fireflies since we were about 8!! 

Thursday we spent the entire day shopping at the outlet malls. We were both giddy about shopping! We found some great deals, and had so much fun!! I can't remember the last time I shopped that much! Which brings us to the best thing EVER to come out of girls weekend....

Sarah kept talking the whole day about how much she loved her new leggings. Newsflash: I have never worn leggings (unless you count my early childhood). I was convinced they only look good on really skinny people, and I just don't understand how to wear them. But Sarah went on and on and on about how comfortable they were. So while were shopping I tried a pair on and let me tell you-I have seen the light! Where have these been my whole life?!?!?!!?

 (more on this pic in the next post)

Random picture, yes. But let us appreciate the leggings!!!!! Oh my goodness a whole new level of comfort! I want to wear them every day. The only problem is I only have 2 shirts that are long enough, something I will remedy quickly. So I need your help-where do you buy shirts for your leggings? Any fave legging brands, especially for shorties like me?

So after shopping all day, we went and got a pedicure then went to a late dinner at Shoguns. The chef guy instantly knew we were sisters and thought we were too young to have kids. Bless him. We have been getting a lot of people saying how much we look alike. But neither of us really see it.

We ate dinner at 8 pm at night and were some of the last people to leave. I asked Sarah when the last time she closed down a restaurant compared to opening it? Having little ones, we usually don't go out too much, and if we do it's at 5pm. It was such a treat having a late dinner out!

I love my sister and loved getting quality time with her. I can't wait to do it again! :)

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  1. I like Target's Mossimo Leggings! I typically wear leggings with short dresses. Alot of dresses are so short these days I'd feel uncomfortable wearing them just as a dress, so I add leggings and voila!! a tunic!!