Friday, February 5, 2010

finances & football

So here's a quick recap of the last few days......though honestly i don't feel like i have much to write about. nonetheless.....
We headed back to work on Monday after missing friday because of ice and snow. The main roads were okay, but still a lot of ice by our house. The last few days we've seen icicles melting and snow slush everywhere.

i don't like snow slush.

It gets my pants dirty and wet along with my shoes. I wanted to wear my cute little black flats yesterday to work, so i wore my big brown shoes to the car, then switched once we got to work. of course not wearing socks made me freeze the whole day. ohhhhh the price of vanity!

Last night i made my FIRST roast using our crock pot. Also my first time to ever use a crock pot. My mom does this all the time, but when i was single, i never found the need to cook that much food for one person. now i have a male living with me, there is reason to cook more food! Also, roast, potatos, and carrots is my FAVE homecooked meal. it was also the last meal i had before moving overseas.

(this isn't my personal pic, but just to give you an idea and start your mouth watering)

We also invited our friend Jason over to share our pot roast experience. Let's just say i rock my own world. it was SO easy to make and delicious!! When Daniel told me dinner was good, i looked at him, and was like 'obviously'. hahahahaahahah I don't take credit really, but i like to pretend i slaved all day for that yummy meal. i just put roast, potatoes and carrots in with onion soup mix and water and let it do its thing for a few hours while i was at work. i'm so ready for tonight's leftovers!!

So what's going on in our lives??? Well, if you've noticed, i added a new book to my reading list. We are about halfway through reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.

Mike (my brother in law) bought me this for my birthday, because Mike is obsessed with budgeting and saving-in a good way. This book is definitely in my top gifts ever list. Daniel and I are trying the monthly budget and envelope system for the first time this month. What's crazy, is that we both thought we were doing good. i mean, we didn't consider ourselves big spenders or ignorant on our financial state. BUT, after reading just a few chapters (and tearing up a few times-the success stories are amazing!), we both knew this book was for us. It's weird now. I tell Daniel all the time that i'm learning the value of a dollar. haha! I never realized how many little purchases i make without thinking about it-just because we have a few bucks in the bank. But it's also cool to feel in control of where our money goes. we're both pretty excited to see what happens. it's surprisingly fun!

I know that talking about money and finances can be a little hard for some people and awkward. i really hesitated about blogging about this, because i know it can be weird for some people. but i don't want you to see a blog about me that isn't really ME. i didn't want to have a secret blogger identity or anything :)

but don't get me wrong-i would never walk up to you and ask what your bank account balance is or how much you spend on eating out.....but i think it's safe to say Daniel and I both have Dave Ramsey i might babble nonstop about what we've been learning and you can take what you want :) i know a few people who have used the DR plan and have done amazing things. i would love to hear your story!

p.s. We take turns reading the book out loud to each other-so fun!

Not sure if i'll blog again before Sunday.....but i am way excited about the superbowl.

Since the Packers are out, there's not a team that i'm dying to cheer for (but we're both going for the Saints). so if i can't rev myself up about who's playing, i might as well make yummy food to enjoy while we watch. I'm making homemade hummus (for the first time),  pizza, and a recipe i found for white almond wedding cake. i can't wait!!!


  1. I love your blog! Dave Ramsay is my fave too! I hope you like the hummus and I want the almond cake recipe

  2. Bobby and I do a modified version of the Dave Ramsey thing. We didn't sell our cars and buy used ones or anything, but we do use the envelope system. One thing I have really liked is we each get our own spending money each month (along with weekly spending money for eating out or whatever). I like it because if Bobby wants to buy something sports related or whatever, that's "his money". If I want to spend all mine on cute new shoes, he doesn't say anything because it's "my money" to spend. Just eliminated any need to argue or worry about money for us. If we ever get in a financial bind of course that money would be the first to go for us. Good luck! It's awesome to think about being completely free of financial burdens. We can't wait to get there.