Tuesday, May 4, 2010

catching up

Since my last few posts have been somewhat serious, i though i'd do a recap of our last few days.

Last thursday I went to my MIL's house and got to play with Mary Kay! Her lady came over and basically let us play with make up. I did fall in love with the lipstick and gloss....maybe a future purchase?? hmmm...

I didn't take a before pic, but here is me after. It was really windy that day, so that's why my bangs look all plastered.

yes, i know it's in black and white....but i forgot how much i love those!!

We all (everyone except Daniel) went out to dinner and talked about our upcoming Hawaii trip!!!!

here are Mike (BIL) & his friend Zach:

Friday, we had dinner at our SS director's house... she made this delicious italiam creme cake. I held myself back at 1 piece. Daniel made up for it with the 3, pieces he ate :)

Saturday morning Daniel was at a training thing, so i went grocery shopping alone. I had the best time! (not bc daniel wasn't there, but bc of the great stuff i got). Due to Sarah's annoying influence in my life, I bought flax seed, whole wheat flour, yogurt (gag), all natural peanut butter, fresh fruits and veggies, etc.... I was SO proud of my little grocery cart when i was checking out. I've already used the flax seed for the choc zuchini bread i made on Sunday nite!

Saturday afternoon we went to Gainesville!!!! i've been bugging Daniel about this forever. I really like their GAP outlet, and now that we have Dave Ramsey in our lives...it just makes sense!

Although I did not like DR very much on Saturday. I actually got mad. and annoyed. I'm not a huge shopper, but when i go, I usually don't tell myself 'no' very often. I had to tell myself 'no' a lot on Saturday. As we were leaving, Daniel had the nerve to say 'hey, we're living now like no one else, so that later we can live like no one else.' ohhhh if looks could kill!

Although I am happy now, and I KNOW deep deep deep down inside it was a good thing we stayed on budget that day, i still reached an unhealthy anger level :) (ok not really, i didn't throw antyhing....)

Saturday nite ended up being fun and relaxing, and we caught up on the Amazing Race, one of our fave shows.

Sunday night brought lots of cooking. I tried a new recipe, Spinach Manicotti. YUM!!

This was our last few days in a nutshell. We currently don't have any weekend plans, and i'm pretty excited about it! And i'm going to the eye dr tomorrow, which also brings me way too much happiness. how can a new eye rx not bring anyone joy??? bring on the dialation!!!



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  1. Your manicotti looks like it turned out great! What were your Gap purchases?