Saturday, May 22, 2010



I'm addicted to Coke. Not Pepsi, not Dr. Pepper, but the real thing. Coke.

I used to only drink it about once a week. and then i started having one every day. I've been trying to cut back, but apparently that requires self control, which i don't have.

all i think about is Coke, and how good it is. how the carbonation always makes me feel good. It fills me up, which in my mind, means i'm eating less. it's clearly healthy for me.

When I realized how out of hand my addiction was getting, i made a sign for my desk at work to remind me to stay strong. I first put no sodium, bc i thought it had lots of it. THEN i realized it actually is the sugar that is not good...hmmm... go fig.

random thought #2:

Daniel and i were talking before bed the other night and he said something that rocked me to my core. it was shocking. it was life changing.


I mean, you think you know a person!!!!!!

I immediately started saying famous quotes to help remind him that maybe he really had seen it, and was just confused. no. my Daniel is just weird.
Daniel is 30, he is  the prime age to see ET...he even used to have a crush on Drew Barrymore. i'm still in shock about it.

we are planning to watch it soon so that I can help him enter normal society. i feel like i've neglected a duty as a wife......clearly something we should have talked about in our premarital counseling......


  1. Hahaha! Matt & I had the exact same ET conversation...only the roles were reversed. I've still never seen it!

  2. PS....I'm so ridiculously addicted to Diet Pepsi & Diet Dr. Pepper. It's pathetic! I know its so bad for me but I just love it so much. I was proud of myself because I made it through Tuesday & Wednesday without any. But I caved on Thurs & then again today. Sheesh.

  3. Way too funny about E.T.!! He must watch it soon! I am addicted to Pepsi.... it's my morning "coffee", and I only have one a day....

  4. Such a cute comical blog! So funny Daniel has never seen E.T.

  5. I used to have a sign I hung up in my fridge that said something like "remember your diet". I thought that I would see it and quickly shut the door or choose an apple or something. It didn't work I finally had to rip it down b/c it kept getting in my way! ha ha!!