Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend rewind

This weekend was a little bit of everything.

My mom and dad drove up from Texas to stay the night with us. My mom hadn't been to our place since before we were married, so i was excited to show her how things had changed!

But first, here's me driving in the car. (we can dress cashz on fridays)

There were some leftover peonies from an event at work, so i took some home to appreciate them all weekend! they kep getting bigger and smelling SO good!!

I met the fam and Daniel at Marie Callendar's. it's one of my mom's faves, and they don't have one in their city. i wish i could say my food was good.....but it wasn't. everyone elses was though so i nibbled off their plates. But of course dessert was yummy! (forgot to take a pic of that...)

mom & dad

Friday night we just hung out and caught up. We made a Target stop, and i tried on some new shades.

I ended up buying a pair, then returned them today, cos i had doubts. I got some new ones at JCP that are more flattering :)

Saturday we pretty much just hung around the house.

Daniel & Dad talk theology and my moms cleans anything she can find.

Saturday, i made my FIRST ham!!! It was SOOOO good! and we have enough leftover to eat for weeks, hahaahah! But meat cutting is the man's job. Daniel got to use our electric knife for the first time. it was pretty fun!!

My parents had to leave Sat afternoon after we ate cos my dad is a pastor and well, the pulpit calls :) We had a great time with them, just relaxing and hanging out. I love that we didn't have a ton of stuff to do, but just got to enjoy each other.

Side story: Sarah, Mike and the boys went to Florida this past week, and watched the shuttle launch. Grant was SO excited!!! But he thought he was GOING  on the shuttle, and was crushed when he found out he didn't get to go up in space too.

here are the boys enjoying the  beach:

We're having severe weather again here, but so far not too bad at our house.

On Monday nite, we had tornadoes and i was NOT a fan. Cell phone service wasn't great and Daniel and I both couldn't get home till about 7. I was glued to his side from the minute i got home that nite. seriously, he wasn't allowed to leave the room.

that's our life........ hope everyone had a good weekend!!



  1. The tornadoes scared me to death! Oh and by the way if you went to the Marie Callendars in Norman, I have never had good food there. Just sayin!

  2. Cute blog! I didn't know Marie Callendars was around anymore. Congrats on the ham, the veggies looked good, can you e-mail me the recipe. Love Ya!