Saturday, May 8, 2010

week in review

This week has been busy with very little time to blog. I've had time to start new posts, just not finish them....

so let's see.....

Monday was pretty normal. Ran the 3 miles and we watched The Devil Wears Prada. I've seen this many times and have been wanting to watch it for quite some time. now, i try not to make Daniel into a girl, so i never require that he do all the girly things with me. I like that he is male.

But, he was sitting on the couch reading, and def got caught up in the movie too. I'm sure he's better for it.

Tuesday, i had the'great' idea to run during my lunch break. I really need to get in an extra run a week, and with my schedule it's almost impossible. So i brought my running clothes to work, headed out, and almost died. Running has brought so many near death experiences in my life.

It was hot out!!! and for some reason the entire mile and a half i ran was b.r.u.t.a.l. idk why, but it was so hard.  not sure if i'll be attempting this again or not. and it took me forever to stop sweating, which i'm sure was an extra blessing for all my coworkers.

TBL was Tuesday night and OMG!!!! i could not get over the shock of how Daris looks after his makeover. and i had NO CLUE about Sam & Stephanie. i'm still in shock.

Wednesday was the night to join my new running club! I was SOOOO nervous!!! We meet at a park about 20 minutes from my house. There are 2 groups: people running 1 hr, and people running 30. (30 min out, 30 min in, 15 min out, 15 min in)

There were about 15 of us, and about 4 new people to the group.
One of the other new girls was at about my pace, so we ran together the first half. she was running for the hour. and i didn't want to die, so i just did 30.and yes, i did do a mile in 11:30. my new PR!!!

i really enjoyed it, but hated running alone the second half. all the other girls were WAY ahead and much faster. so we'll see how it goes.

Last night Daniel and I decided to go bike riding instead of going to the gym. keep in mind we haven't ridden in almost 8 months. i'm thinking ' sure, a nice little bike ride, that will be fun.' apparently fun is the new brutal.

It's windy in Oklahoma!!!! The wind was i'm sure about 40mph last night. (i'm not exaggerating, it was very high winds!) The whole time we complained about which muscles were hurting. lame.

This is Daniel teaching me to ride my bike almost 2 years ago....this is when i'm sure he fell in love with me. also, please disregard the highwater pants, it's just the picture. they're not normally like that.

sidestory.....this little chihuahua started chasing us and getting VERY close to my tires. i FREAKED out and started yelling bc i was just waiting to hear the yelp and then know that i just killed someones dog. luckily we were faster than the chihuahua, but i still made a spectacle of myself for all the neighbors. AND why was this dog not on a leash????


Black bean quesadillas and spending the evening in.

Tomorrow is errand day, along with my attempt to run 4 miles. i haven't even broken the 3.5 marker yet, but a girls gotta have goals :)

hope everyone has a fantastic mother's day!!!!



  1. "Fun is the new brutal" love it! Good luck on that 4 mi run!

  2. The chihuahua story made me laugh out loud! :) You're funny!

  3. Be nice to the little doggies out there! I guess if you are going to run 4 miles I will have to run 4.5. I can't let you beat me! Love Ya!

  4. way to go on the running club!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUN!!!!!!!