Monday, May 10, 2010

college, cupcakes, & corsages?

We had a great weekend. i really feel like i could write a couple of posts right now, so we'll see where this one takes us...

Friday night was interesting. I bought locally grown tomatoes and avadacoes for quacamole! i was mega excited! little did i know how to pick out an avacado. so i went with what was natural, the hardest one was the best one. (we've made quac before and i think just lucked out) So when we started cutting the avacadoes, we ran into some trouble. I learned later, much later after trying everything i could including making a weird salad thing in the blender-that they weren't ripe yet.

SO we went on with our dinner plans and made black bean quesadillas. you haven't lived until you've had these!!! we added grilled chicken, peppers, and tomatoes. yum yum yum!!

Saturday I hit the gym. I was pumped and ready!!! i ran 3.5 miles!!  and I felt amazing!!! def felt all the endorphins kickin in. Then I did my weights and boogied home where Daniel was making sausage and pancakes!

We ran some errands and went to Academy. I just looked at everything and drooled. and then went home and updated my amazon wish list, hahaahahahhahh!

We decided to go to Shawnee, where Daniel's alma mater is. I had been there once 11 years ago.

We basically just walked around taking pics of ourselves. very normal.

what's funny is that i almost went to school here. I applied and even visited the campus. but then i saw the dorms......

(sometimes i try to be artistic)

Then we headed to Starbucks for happy hour!!!! Check it out at their site, it's for another week!!!!

Sunday was mother's day of course!!! My parents are coming up this next weekend, so we stayed up here in Oklahoma. One memory i always have of Mother's Day growing up, is my dad buying my mom a corsage for church. Every year we would see the corsage sitting in the fridge waiting for my mom to wear it. There was 1 lady in SS who had a corsage and i just loved it!!!!

SS-is another post all in itself. (Code word-crowded loneliness)

I woke up this morning to a card that Daniel made for me. even though we're not parents yet, we're excited for it whenever it comes.

here's us this morning.....sidenote-why do my eyes always look like i've been crying? anyone?

After SS we went and had lunch with the fam to celebrate Daniel's mom! ummmmm did i take a single picture?!??!! ugh! as soon as we got in the car to drive home i remembered i had my camera. grrrrrr....

I was feeling very domestic tonight, so i made choc cupcakes (with flax seed!!!!) and homemade frosting. 2 KINDS OF FROSTING!!! Regular vanilla and almond flavored.

We tried a new recipe for dinner: whole wheat penne pasta with broc and sausage. it was good, but we forgot the tomatoes and i think next time i'll add almonds for some crunch.

We've got a pretty busy next few weeks ahead of us. we're travelling some, having family over, and running :)

hope everyone had a great mother's day!!



  1. Awww...thats so sweet of Daniel to give you a card. I remember that season of life...Mother's & Father's days would come & we would dream of being a mom&dad someday. Enjoy that season and continue to be excited because the next season is so awesome!

    Don't know that guy...but he seems like he is so great to you! So happy for you guys! Sharing life IN LOVE is the best way! :)

  2. How did the flax cupcakes turn out? I made a cake last night of course with flax seed. Mike knows now so it is getting harder to sneak it in. Glad you had a good week-end!

  3. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!! see i am just now getting caught up on post reading. you look soooo cute with your hair and that floral top...LOVE IT!!!! laughed out loud at dan and that solo pic hahahha. so funny! yall are cute