Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Random

First, I have no idea where i'm going to go with this post. I will either list the random stuff in my life or be transparent and share too much about me crying earlier this week.


I'm on twitter, this you know. I love it. It really is so much cooler than Facebook. I'm determined to make Sarah sign up for it. If I can't get her to blog, surely she can tweet.

Twitter has also made me want something. Something that i guess 90% of you all already have.


Deep breaths....

An IPhone.

I know, i know......

But i've been anti for almost always because i don't like what i see sometimes. (again, sometimes, this does not mean that if you are an IPhone user this automatically applies to you.)

But I don't like going out to dinner, looking around the restaurant and see people ignoring whoever they came with so they can use their IPhone. Again, you can use almost any phone, but i've noticed that people with IPhone's can become obsessed with it.

I've heard friends say that they really could (honestly) not imagine their life without an IPhone.
And then i secretly pray that God will take theirs away so they can find out that they actually will survive.

Ha, totally kidding! (or am i??? hahahahah)

But I HATE the idea of getting too attached to something like a phone.  I mean it's a thing for crying out loud. I like my phone now. It's not twitter friendly, but because it isn't i can put it on silent in the other room for hours on end because i know i'm prob not missing too much. I don't mind if i have missed phone calls, txts etc... Because if there is truly an emergency, someone will call Daniel. ha!

But i don't want to be against something that could possibly make my life easier. I mean.....look at how life changing the Chi is.

And i don't want to be anti just because. 
Anyways, i would like to blame society, and by that i mean Twitter,  for making me want an IPhone.

(okay we're just going to stick with random on this post)

- I want to decorate our daughter's nursery in a cupcake theme (no i'm not pregnant)

- we're making homemade pizza tonight, one of our faves. We put about 10 lbs of toppings but it's totally okay because they're mostly vegetables

-I started eating Kiwi to give me the potassium my body needs bc i hate bananas. hate. hate. hate.

- My goal is to run 10 miles a week when i'm not training for something. Other than being sick or the artctic weather, i've been able to do this.

-I start half-marathon training Feb 7th. I'm sooo excited!

-Tomorrow, our chinese students are coming over to teach us how to cook legit Chinese dishes. I might pee my pants from the excitement. no promises.

wow, i think that's all i have right now.....



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  1. Some friends had us over and made Chicken Pesto pizza, with Pesto, Chicken, Red grapes, white cheese, and green onions. Can I just say, AMAZING!!! She is going to get the recipe to me, and as soon as I get it, I'll forward it on to you! Sounded so wierd, but was sooo good!