Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We tried...

So, i know everyone else is getting snow and ice and winter weather. We are not. We were teased, but other than 10 minutes of snow this afternoon that didn't stick, we're just cold here.

The wind chill tomorrow is -4. Notice the - sign in front of that number. yikes!!!!

But today the wind chill was only 18!!! So i was determinded to run. I get antsy when i go a week without running, and with being sick lately, i was dying to get out there.

I wasn't too worried about the cold weather, because i was just gonna go for 3. And my motto is, you can do anything for 3 miles. (hahahhahaha)

Daniel thought i was out of my mind, but being the supportive spouse he is, he put on his layers and we headed out.
To our suprise it had snowed/sleeted from the time i got home till we headed out. oh well, it won't kill us right?


Look at those 2 kids, so full of promise!

The cold didn't bother us, the biting wind did. We didn't/don't have any face protection when we run, so my throat honestly felt like it was being cut. The wind combined with the sleet stung and hurt.

We lasted about 5 minutes or so.


Ah well, now i know better. So i hit the Shred to get a bit of a work out in. I'm starting to feel/see the Peppermint Milkshakes from chick fil a and the Caramel Brulee Lattes from Starbucks. It's amazing how i can have so much self control over some foods, but throw me something yummy that is a holiday offer or limited time only and i can not help myself :)


I'm home by myself for probably the third time in our marriage and i'm living it up: blogging, House Hunters, and i'm about to make some hot chocolate. Yeah i go all out when i'm home alone, ha!


We just started sponsoring our first child through World Vision. We chose a little 8 year old girl in India. She has the same birthday as our anniversary, so we'll always remember to celebrate her at that time.

I made chicken pot pie a few weeks ago completely from scratch (except the pie crust)...and it was delish!!!!!

(this is the pie before i covered it with the pie crust) 

We also made this again and it was SO good. Don't underestimate the power of a grape tomato.

That's my Monday. I'm going to go get that hot chocolate before my fingers freeze off!


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  1. Is that sausage in the last picture? That looks like a yummy vegan dish!