Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Week Recap

I turned 29 last Wednesday.

The day started with Daniel making me this...

Yummy french toast with not-so-secret ingredient: chocolate milk! yum!

At work, i found this...

My office...

This picture makes it look lik my phone/office is from the dark ages...

Sidenote: At this point, i have/had been sick for about a week. MAJOR sinus pressure/pain, congestion, the works. I'd been on OTC stuff for almost a week as well. NOTHING was helping any of my symptoms. Wednesday i felt pretty bad the whole day. It was a struggle. I looked like this...not sure if the puffiness/allergy is really captured, but i think i look all stuffy.

By the end of the day i was feeling so bad, i decided to go the dr the next morning. But keeping with our family tradition, I too ended up at Urgent Care. On my birthday.

I was told i had a bad infection, and was given drugs. By the time we got the rx, got gas, and got home, we rode thru Chick fil a for dinner. We were supposed to go out, but i was not feeling it.

But when i walked in the door, i found this.....

No matter how sick you are, there is ALWAYS time for presents :) Did i mention gifts is my love language??
Here's the goods: an adoption book i've been wanting, the sequel of Francine Rivers, running socks, a foam roller, Space Camp, and a bracelet (which i forgot to take a pic of).

Daniel made one of my fave desserts......

Then i went to bed.

I missed work on Thursday and Friday, and am feeling better, but not wonderful yet. I'm hoping soon though.

Friday night, i was feeling better, so we went to our fave Indian restaurant.

Yes, we ate all of this!!!

Then we headed to see one of my all time faves, JJ Heller. If you've never heard her songs, you are totally missing out. They're so honest, simple, deep, and speak right to you. She has a new cd out, and my 3 fave songs are Tell it Again, Control, and No Fight Left. It was probably my fave concert ever. (are we counting how many times i can say 'fave' in this post?) ha.

And because we live in Oklahoma......we ran into someone we knew. ha!

My wonderful friend Carly who actually introduced Daniel and me to JJ when we all lived overseas together. sidenote: Carly was also our chaperone a lot when we were dating overseas. She's one of the few people who knew both me and Daniel before we dated each other.

JJ and her husband. Don't we look like we could be great friends?

This night totally made my birthday. Hanging out with my husband, good food, good friends, and good music. I drank it all in and held on tight. my love tank was filled.

Last night (Saturday), we had birthday dinner with Daniel's fam at BJ's.

And I got........the Nook Color!!!

I played with this a lot today, downloaded a few books, and discovered Pandora. Maybe i've been under a rock for a while, but Pandora is cool!

Next weekend, we're travelling to Texas to celebrate my birthday with my fam. I really am the gift that keeps on giving, haahhahahahaha!!!!


This pretty lady had a birthday on Friday. Yes, our birthdays are 2 days apart.

Happy 31st Birthday Sarah!!!!!!

p.s. It's snowing right now!


  1. Thanks for the birthday wish, cute pic of us! I am jealous of your snow, post pics soon! Love you!
    One more thing- did you feel it necessary to mention "31"

  2. Happy belated Birthday! My love language are gifts too. No matter how little or simple they may be they bring joy to my life!