Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marriage Moment

Monday night i slept realllllllly bad. I just couldn't turn my mind off, even though i was exhausted. I kept thinking of the word purple, and then was like "hmmm, should we name our daughter Violet?" (no i wasn't on drugs). and NO i'm not pregnant :)

So last night Daniel prayed before we went to bed that i would sleep well......

In the middle of the night, i'm laying on my stomach, faced away from Daniel. And I feel his hand on my back. I'm thinking "that's sweet, he wants to be close to me."

But then he keeps moving his hand around my back and pressing in hard. I'm now thinking "what the heck is he doing?" I knew i had been sleeping well and was starting to get annoyed that his sweet moment was going to wake me up and keep me from falling back asleep.

Finally, i turn over and say "what are you doing?!"

Daniel breathes a huge sigh and says "you weren't moving." (in a very worried voice)

me: "what??" (also thinking....i was sleeping, why would i be moving?!)

Daniel said he couldn't tell i was breathing and it didn't look like i was moving, so he started to panic.

Sweet, that he was concerned i might be dead, but I told him, next time if he thinks something is wrong he better shake a lot harder!!!  (or be more diligent about checking to see if i'm breathing so I can sleep without interruption)  :)



  1. That is so sweet of Daniel! I still do that to the boys every now and then if I can't see their chest rise and fall with breathing. I never really thought to check Mike. :)

  2. haha! thats hilarious!