Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Rewind Texas Style

The minute the 5 o'clock whistle blew on Friday, i was GONE!!! I got in my car and pointed south.

I got in by 8, and caught up with mom and dad. We stayed up till 11 talking. oh my poor body, ha! By the time i got in bed i was so out of it! It had been a really busy week, with little sleep. I slept till 9 am the next morning. i was shocked!!! I NEVER sleep past 7 on the weekends, but i was SO excited that i did.

One thing i love about coming to my parents house, is i get SPOILED! i lay on the couch, watch tv, drink coffee leisurely, eat really good food, and don't have to clean up. It's a great break from the normal routine of cooking, cleaning, and having to plan what the next meal is going to be. I soak it all up!!!!!

One thing i've been doing for the last few years is making letting my dad make my coffee. There's something extra special and enjoyable about someone else making and getting your coffee for you. And for some reason the way he makes it always tastes better than what i do.
(do i sound spoiled yet? ha!)

Saturday morning we went to Sams to look around. I'm always tempted to buy tons of stuff but usually leave empty handed bc it's nearly impossible to buy in bulk for 2 people.

Then we headed to Luke's Locker, a local running store. (they also sponsored our 15K and half marathon). I was looking for new running shoes.

Confession: my current shoes aren't running shoes at all.

They're like trail shoes. So Daniel and i have been saving to get me some actual running shoes. SADLY, when i showed the lady what i was wearing and asked if i needed new ones, she was like "there's not a huge difference in the shoes, so these are fine." UGH, i had already picked out the perfect pink pair! oh well, money saved!

I did scour the entire store. It's like an automatic drug high (for me) to just be in the store surrounded by things i want. I blame our materialistic society for making me want EVERYTHING! hahaahha j/k
But i did end up with a running tank that was on sale and a shoe pouch that i've been wanting.

Caroline and my aunt came over so we could all go to Buca di Beppo for dinner to celebrate my birthday. if you've never been to Buca, you aren't living. it is that good!!! it's immigrant family style italian, so you order as a big group and share everything. Family style is my fave. Throw in eating the food with your hands, and i'm in heaven, ha! Whether it's chinese food or italian, family style eating is just a bonding experience!

None of us had really eaten lunch that day so we were starving! From the moment we got to dinner, Caroline and i talked non-stop! I'm sure my aunt and parents had conversation too, but we were way too engrossed to even notice. So we ordered garlic bread, and bread came so we were devouring it. I had just finished my third piece and the waiter came back with a bread that looked completely different. We were like...what is this?? He was like, "didn't you hear me say that this was just the complimentary bread until the garlic bread came?" ummm no. We were self-abosrbed into our own lives so we just saw food and started inhaling. so I had 3 pieces of garlic bread to even it out. :)

We ordered the chicken parm and the quatro al forno-which is manicotti, canneloni, stuffed shells, and ravioli. i'm drooling right now.
I thought i was going to die, i was in so much pain when we left. I ate and ate and ate and then ate some more.
And just when i thought i was going to burst, he brought a birthday dessert. ohhhhh

Then we came home and opened presents.

(yes my mom is still decorated for Christmas.)

I had a little present for Caroline too.

A signed JJ Heller cd.

Caroline just got back from Israel, and brought me back a necklace with my name on it in HEBREW!!!!!!!!!!

And then.....cake......

We lingered around talking and talking. Strangely, we ended up talking about my nephews a lot, just sharing stories and little funny things they've said or done. Hopefully Caroline wasn't bored to death, ha!

We had church this morning, and then my all time fave meal, roast, potatoes, and carrots. love love!

I'll head home tomorrow and hopefully get a good run in. And i really miss Daniel. It's weird how just having a few nights or days away makes you miss someone so much. It will be good to go home and get some things done before work on Tuesday.

No big plans for the week or weekend, except for maybe a date night (hint hint). The weather is supposed to be nicer so i'm dying to get in a few runs!!!!! i'll let you know :)

did most people have a 3 day weekend?


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  1. No three-day weekend for me, but my husband, who's a teacher, had yesterday off. Glad to hear you had a nice trip! Enjoy your four-day work week.