Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

We woke up this morning to a sheet of ice covering most of Oklahoma. I got up, showered, dressed, did my hair, and about 5 minutes before leaving i found out work was cancelled.


I'm back in my sweats, drinking a second pot of coffee, listening to the news and soaking it all up!!!

(disclaimer: I don't like that people get hurt in car wrecks or falls during ice storms. My excitement stems purely from a love for winter weather and having a day off from work.)

I was home a couple days a few weeks ago because i was sick, but having a snow/ice day when you're in great health is SO much better! We really don't have a lot of snow, but enough ice to keep everyone indoors.

Plans for the day: read my Real Simple mag that came yesterday, read my Marathon book, watch a movie, clean out the closets, and clean up the house.

Daniel is at work so i have the house to myself. I am going to try and not call him all day with minute-to-minute updates of how i just folded laundry or saw a bird outside or something. no promises.

Random stuff.....

We ran last night. It was a GREAT run...temp was in the 30's but we both felt great and kept our pace.

I need to get this off my chest. I got VERY VERY angry with the ending of TBL this week. There was a lot of yelling, and i may or may not have scared Daniel with my choice of words, ha. kidding. What makes me angry, is that Dan & Don clearly did not want to be there, and threw the weigh in. It upsets me because they took the place of 2 people who would've LOVED the opportunity to be on the show and change their lives. If they didn't want to work out and change their own lives, then they should've just stayed at home. grrrrr.

This is from Sarah's facebook (Grant is 4)

Grant- Mom can you tell me all 50 states?
Sarah- Yes, why do you need to know the states names?
Grant- I need to teach them to daddy, I don't think he knows them all!

What makes is this extra funny, is Mike is a pilot, ha!

I think that's all i got for now. Hope everyone is staying warm!!

anyone else home from work today??



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