Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My first half marathon

Wow, just typing the title gets me all giddy again!!!

okay, so we all know i was sick right before the race. Saturday, i was coughing a lot and had completely lost my voice. so i wasn't sure how the race would go on Sunday.

I woke up feeling pretty good, and thought i could at least do a few miles and walk the rest if i had do. i really just wanted to finish no matter what.

The race was in Ft. Worth along the Trinity Trails.


Here we are on our way (notice the darkness)......

Ok i already apologize for this next pic. Daniel took it without me knowing, and when i looked at it, i was like oh my gosh i have a waste indention!!!!!! I actually go in at my waste!!!!!!! i'm sorry but i was really proud of this. I've always wanted to have the V shape....and you can actually see it!!!!! i know it's not the best, but i had no idea it was even there!!!! oh running, this is why i heart you!


I love this pic of me and Sarah. we had just practiced running a bit to make sure our shoes fit well...ok, i'm OCD about the tightness of my shoes so I was practicing, ha! it was a sweet moment captured my it!

BIL-Mike, Sarah, Me, and Dad!!!!!!

And we're off!!!!

Sarah and Dad ran together almost the whole time...

I'm not sure what mile this is, but i'm letting Daniel know that i'm not dying.

Okay, let's get to the details.......

It was VERY humid!!! The temperature wasn't that high, but my last several long runs have been in 50 and 60 degree cool weather. I was drenched with sweat within the first mile.

The first 5 miles, i felt great. I was like, Wow, i've totally got this...... Even though my miles were much slower than i usually run, i still felt pretty good.  One thing i learned (and this is why i like races, cos you learn a lot), is to NOT skip the water stations. I was planning on eating and drinking at mile 6. Well i got confused and ended up doing it at mile 8. And i needed more food/nutrition than a bite of orange. so lesson learned-bring my own food.


I rocked mile 7. Mostly bc i realized that i wasn't last, ha!! i knew i was towards the back but when i saw people behind me it gave me extra motivation to go faster. I loved mile 7.

I DID NOT love mile 8 and 9. This was by far my "wall." it was a huge struggle. I was SO thirsty!! And the next water station had run out of water!!! it was pretty hard.

I had to start walking/running about mile 9ish. When i got to mile 11 i started getting pretty excited that i was going to finish!!!!!

Mike KILLED that half marathon!! he was super fast!!!! i don't have pics, cos Daniel was cheering me on at mile 8 when Mike finished.

Sarah finishing!



I was SO proud of my medal!!!!!!!!!!

get it?? 13.1 miles :)

my mini cheerleader!

Gotta stretch!!

my BEST cheerleader!!

I feel amazing!!! While my time wasn't anywhere i wanted it to be, i finished!!!!! Remember after the 15K, i was disappointed and had a problem getting back into running afterwards. Not now baby!!! I can't wait to run another half and improve my time (it won't take much, ha!).

There is a half in Dallas the end of January, that i'm thinking about. YAY runners high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great weekend in Texas, and will post soon with all the pics of the cute little nephews.




  1. Hey girl!
    I am SO excited for you! I am so proud!!
    Way to go!
    I really want to start I might hit you up for some advice...I have NO idea how to get started. :)
    Rebekah McKinney

  2. I'm so proud of you! I'm so inspired by you! You are one amazing girl! You are looking amazing too! :) Love from Wyoming!

  3. Way to go Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad your sickness subsided enough for you to run AND finish! Very impressed with all your hard work & dedication to be able to run that far! You rock!

  4. Wow so proud of you!! AMAZING! and also a bit jealous that you are running and i'm doing floor exercises still :( But reading this is so much encouragement to keep going.

  5. So so very proud of you! That is a HUGE accomplishment!!! I just love the look on your face with your medal. You earned that medal and that feeling! Congratulations!!!