Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Six days

I have 6 days left in the States. 6.

It's all happened so fast. Too fast sometimes. I have all these things i want to do and eat before leaving, and there just isn't time for it all. There are errands still to be done and lots of last minute things to buy. I haven't packed. There just hasn't been any time. We are now staying with my parents, so at least everything we're taking is in one place now.

Sarah and I are on a girls trip to Fredericksburg till tomorrow morning....i'll blog about it at some point.

I know the next few days are going to slip away all too quickly. I can't even think about leaving bc i get too stressed with all that needs to be done. I've been thinking there would be time for the goodbyes, meeting up with friends one last time, and eating that last chick fil a meal or last ice cream sundae......but i know it all won't happen. There are friends that i won't see. Meals that i thought i'd get to eat again. I thought my last few days here would be spent just sitting at home enjoying family. But life is busy and moving overseas isn't easy.

I'm struggling with saying good bye. i don't have a single doubt that we're doing the right thing.  We are obeying where Father has led us, and i know it's where we are supposed to be. Most days i'm beyond ecstatic to return to a place that i love and now consider home. But there are those times when i ache knowing that i will have to say good bye to my family. It kills me the most to leave my nephews. They are at the cutest age and it hurts to leave them.

Most good byes so far have been pretty unemotional for me. Not sure if i'm just in denial or what. But i do know that it will all catch up with me at some point. I'll have the breakdown, i'll cry. But right now there aren't many tears, it's almost a numbness. But i know that i can't carry all of these emotions forever. I'm going to have to let it out and become vulnerable. But probably not today.

Hear my heart......i have the deepest peace about leaving and a joy in my heart that can't be explained about our future. I am blessed beyond anything that Father is letting us leave and go to East Asia. But today.....today and the next few will be hard. The moments are going by too quickly and i want to just freeze time for a moment.




  1. as someone who also lives overseas, i definitely also feel the dichotomy you write of - it's not always easy, but it is worth it! and somehow, the time spent with those near and dear becomes even more special - thank god for skype and mobile phones and emails and blogs! blessings and prayers as you transition, it will an adventure for sure!

  2. Have you heard the song "Here's My Life" by Barlow Girl? Your words made that song pop into my head. Imma put that song on daily play and lift y'all up as it plays. Thinking of you!

  3. You guys are amazing! I'm so proud of both of you, and priviledged to call you our friends! I'm so thankful Daniel brought you here so that I could have the chance to meet you and get to know you! We will be lifting you all up, and thinking of you often! So glad you are continuing to blog so we can keep up with you guys! LOVED the prego pictures... you are going to make the cutest prego girl every, and I can't wait to hear that you really are! Blessings to you guys!