Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm running out of ideas on what to title my posts. I feel like they're all 'random' or some type of 'update.' I haven't been running so there's just less to talk about, ha!

Here's a hodge podge of a few things we've been doing.

Last Friday night we went out for pizza for a dear friends birthday. Which means i showered, wore jeans, and did my hair and make up. I usually only wear jeans if we're taking a taxi and i know i won't be outside much. The humidity here has been out of control lately. If i wear make up these days, it's not until sometime in the evening usually if we have plans with other people. Most days it's ponytail, no makeup and athletic shorts.

After dinner, a group of just girls got together and watched the Miss America pagent (recorded). Since we don't have TV, it's fun to get together and watch big shows or events.

Last week we also ate burritos, and it was the BEST meal i've cooked here so far! It was SO good and everything tasted perfect! I cleaned the lettuce extra good.

Last night Daniel and i went to dinner at a Western restaurant and then went to hear a friend's CD release show.  I'm afraid we're both looking a little rough's been a crazy busy week.

Daniel has been getting into coffee lately. I'm afraid i've created a monster.

At our friends show!

We're getting together with some friends tomorrow to celebrate July 4th. The house is coming along, and i will TRY to post pics sometime this week. I really am going to try and run this week.



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