Monday, October 24, 2011

Around the World

I'm going on a trip today. Right after class, I'm meeting up with a friend and we are travelling to a nearby country for 10 days.

I'm way excited! I will be meeting new people, seeing new things, and tasting new foods.....all things I love!

I love to travel and experience new things, I always look forward to it.

But, it will also be the longest Daniel and I have ever been apart. I do not envy anyone who loses their spouse to travel for long periods of time.

I'll try to post if I can, at least a few pics of the amazing food and sights!

Oh and sister Sarah sent us a package last week!!! Here I am enjoying the goodness!!

The goods:

Sarah surprised us and sent us our Christmas presents already, along with a card that Grant made. I love Christmas and I love presents, it's a win win for everybody.

Have a good Monday!



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