Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Stats

So random, but I was just looking at the calendar at my mileage for the week and realized it's October. October people!!!!! It's practically Christmas!!! WOW!!!!!!! That's insane, how in the world have we gotten here so fast?!?!? anyone with me???

Normally in the states October and November are busy months because everyone and their dog on both sides of our family decided to be born in October and November. And yes, we thought it would be a good time to get married too.

Even though we're living a few thousand miles away, we still managed to fill up almost every day and weekend over the next 2 months. Go us.

That has nothing to do with running, but for the love it's October!!! And I just can't believe it.

So, i just finished Week 4 of the half training. Confession, I've never gone this far in a training schedule without missing a day or cutting a run out. I'm very proud to say, I have not missed a single day of training! Every run on the schedule has been done!

This weeks long run was 8 miles. I ended up doing 8.4, because there just isn't a good 4 mile route, it's either a little less or a little more.

Here's the play by play:

I tried to hydrate yesterday, which means I only had 1 cup of coffee. I got up at 6:30 this morning, because there is nothing worse than doing a long run late in the day. I prefer to get it out of the way and then eat and rest the whole day to make up for the run, ha!

So I didn't want to run with my water bottle the whole 8 miles, so I told our gate guard that I would be running a long time, and could i please leave my bottle with him, and I would come back to get it? He cheerfully agreed. (he sees me run all the time, so he wasn't weirded out).

(sidenote, I brought 2 Vanilla Bean Gu's with me when we came).

So I ran my first 4 miles, with a good 12 min/mile pace. I had to make myself slow down a lot, because I'm averaging 11 min/miles lately. I swung back around after the first loop, got my water bottle and Gu, and went back out.

Honestly, I realllllly don't like stopping when I run. I wish there were little drink stations set up for me so I could grab my Gatorade and keep going. And there is some type of mental block that happens to me when I stop, and then rerun everything again. It always take me a good mile to get back into the groove of things.

Anyways, Gu went well and I finished pretty strong. I have NEVER run this many miles and been able to keep my pace below 12 minutes. Usually after 5, it slows down a lot. I was pretty excited!!

I had a huge breakfast to make up for the run and a large iced coffee. I seriously love them. They're so easy to make, yet I just don't make them very often. All week I knew I'd have iced coffee after my run, so that was a bit of a motivator as well.

My total mileage for the week was 19.4 miles. Next week it will be 21.



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