Friday, October 7, 2011

Going Local

I had a friend come over last night and we cooked dinner together. She wanted me to make half of dinner and she would make the other half.

I decided to make Chicken Pastina. It's usually a fave of ours. Right before my friend came over I realized I didn't have any diced tomatoes, which is pretty necessary to the recipe. So sweet Daniel went to 4 different stores to get me some. Bless him.

We now know that in a future emergency situation like this one, he can ride to the store and back in less than 45 minutes.

I always add red pepper flakes to give it a bit more kick, I think it's a little bland on it's own. Guess who forgot to add them? yep. I don't think my friend minded so much.

She made this green vegetable that literally translates into "green vegetable." I have no idea what it is in english. She also made us this soup (far left bowl in the picture) with egg and another green vegetable that I didn't recognize.

Here are all the dishes. We actually washed a few while we were cooking because we kept running out of pots and bowls.

If I could tell you anything, it's don't take your dishwasher for granted :) And speaking of dishwashers.....Daniel and I bought a blender this week. I'm SO excited to make hummus, smoothies, and salsa. What's funny is that when we were picking out which one we wanted, I saw that one (the one we ended up buying) was dishwasher safe, and I thought how perfect! It wasn't until a few hours later that I remembered we don't even have a dishwasher so it didn't even matter, ha!

Just a few randoms:

We're going to an art/antique market today that is close to our house. I'm pretty excited.

I have to run 10 miles tomorrow. Which means I won't sleep much tonight.

Sarah already bought our Christmas presents. She's totally on top of the ball. (is it on the ball? can you be on top of the ball??)  Sidenote: sometimes after studying language for a while, it's easy to forget what is an english word and what isn't. This week I had to ask Daniel a few times if I was using real english words or not.

My homework assignment this week for one of my classes is to write a minimum of 150 characters on what I think about "going Dutch." A. I wish i could write this in english, and B. I wish I had an opinion about it.

What are your weekend plans?? Any thoughts on going Dutch??



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  1. Mmmm...That chicken pastina looks delicious!

    I have a big birthday tomorrow, so we're going out of town for an overnight. I can't wait to celebrate! We're having Indian Summer here, so it should be sunny and in the 70s.

    You should do a survey about going Dutch and report on your findings. :-) I think going Dutch is fine if you're just friends or if you've been in a dating relationship long enough to feel comfortable doing that. But if a guy asks a girl out, I think he should always pay. I guess I'm old-fashioned when it comes to stuff like that.