Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cloud 9

Wow, today has been such a GREAT day!!

I claim that my love language(s) is gifts and surprises, and what is better than a surprise gift right?!

This morning I got up at 6:30 in the AM to run the 5 miles on the schedule. Have I mentioned that we don't have classes this week because it's a holiday? Yet I found the willpower to set an alarm clock. It's amazing how much willpower I can muster up sometimes.

I actually picked up a few extra tutoring sessions to make up for it. Call me crazy.

So I didn't sleep very well last night, and I did not want to get up this morning. Even after I was dressed and carbed for my run, I still just wanted to get back in bed. But alas, I dug down deep and found it in me to run. I honestly can't remember being this unmotivated to run before.

So I ran.

After tutoring, Daniel and I were eating lunch and I was checking email. Remember how I'm travelling the end of this month and in super need of a visa, but in a very big time crunch?? Well lo and behold, the visa office that was supposed to need 9-11 business days to process the visa, did it in 2.

That's 2 days! My visa is already on it's way to the inlaws, then they'll send it on to me. I have been specifically praying that the visa would come thru in time, because despite all the huge warnings given by the visa office, I went ahead and bought my tickets in faith that I would get the visa in time. It was supposed to take much longer than it did, and I'm on cloud 9 because of it.

THEN, we ran (actually rode) to do some errands. I was at the import store and was reallly close to buying a kit kat. Yet again, I showed courageous willpower and resisted temptation.

However, after getting home, we had a SURPRISE package waiting for us!!! My mom sent us a package with goodies that we had no idea about!! Totally hit the love language one on the head with this one Mom!

And what was inside but Kit Kats, blank notecards (bc those are impossible to get here!), a zip up hoodie I had left behind, a cupcake mix, and we each got a fleece blanket. Mine is Green Bay Packers, and Daniel is OU.

Again, cloud 9.

Also, I ordered some jeans this week because I've lost a little more weight and it's embarrassing how much my current jeans are sagging in certain areas. I'll take a before and after pic when I get the new jeans so you can fully appreciate it with me.

So I had them sent to Sarah's house, and they're getting delivered a week earlier than expected. Which means she will be able to mail them to me before I travel!!

Cloud 9.

So many little blessings, surprises, and my day has been made.

(sadly Daniel's wasn't because his ipod was stolen today.)  Hopefully he can find comfort in his new OU blanket. Or maybe a kit kat.



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