Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday Stats & Plans

This was the end of Week 6 on the training schedule. The long run was supposed to be 11 miles.

Here's a bit of background info:

Daniel and I are going to a marriage conference all weekend starting tonight until Sunday. We've known about it for a while and VERY excited!! I'm sure I'll have a ton to post afterwards.

Also, I'm going to be travelling for about 10 days the end of the month. I am not counting on being able to do any running where i'm going. So...... my plan was to stick with the schedule, take the 10 day break, then hopefully be able to ease back into the long runs and maybe just push the half marathon back a week.

That is all still possible.

However, last night I realized that I had one GU left and I had 2 long runs (11 this weekend and 12 next) before being able to restock the GU.

So I decided to run 8 miles this morning (instead of the planned11), and save the GU for next weekend, and hope to be able to do an 11 or 12.  I figured I could do 8 and be okay, esp if I did my 5 mile loop, grabbed my water, and finished with 3. At that point, 3 is easy.

The running went well so I decided to do 9. I thought long and hard about running 10, but decided not to. And I'm really glad I didn't. That last mile was pretty hard, not what I would call a quality mile. I was going on just water at that point and was starting to feel each step.

So I ran 9 and am okay with that. I'm going to try and get every mile in next week before leaving on the 24th.

I had a post planned for a 'day in the life' here, but life completely got away from me this week, so it will just have to wait.

Has anyone been to a marriage conference before??? This will be my first one!



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  1. a small runner's tip: no gu? snickers or mars bar instead. if you can get them where you are? basically, anything with a chocolate coating and gooey inside! i've needed this tip for longer runs (17 miles +) because my stomach just can't handle that much gu...another trick is juice concentrate, tsp of salt and water in your water bottle (it's a homemade energy drink!) good luck with the final push - even the ugly miles count!