Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Stats

Well, I'm tired.

Mostly because I ran 12.2 miles this morning. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

This run was different that any of my other longer runs....because I had people run with me!! Last night, a friend of mine was asking about my run I was planning, and offered to come meet me to cheer me on or to run a few miles with me if I wanted. Ummm yes please!!! i haven't had anyone run with me in early 2011.

So, then I roped asked Daniel if he would be interested in running a few with me too. Bless him, he hasn't run in a couple of months so I wasn't sure if he would want to. But he did!

So....I ran the first 6 by myself (in the WAY dark bc I started early), met Daniel for miles 6-8.5, ran another mile or so, then met my friend right before mile 10. She ran the last 2.2 with me. Honestly, it was a love/hate having her there :) Because i was getting tired. And i wanted to slow down, but she kept me right on pace at 12 min/mile. I've never actually run with a pacer or anything, but running with my friend felt like that (in a good way). I know if she didn't run the last bit with me, I would've slowed down a lot. I'm so glad she made me keep my pace and finish strong. I actually didn't think I had it in me.

But it was still a hard run.

I forgot to hydrate yesterday.

I barely slept the night before.

My right foot hurt the entire run (no idea what that is about).

Side stitch for mile 3.

And (also a first), my left Achilles hurt the last mile.

I did make sure to carb up the night before. (i've been looking for marshmallows for forever and finally found some yesterday!! I love me a good homemade smore!)

So I ran 12.2 miles this morning and felt pretty sore and tired afterward, but was so glad I did it, and kept the 12 min/mile pace the entire time.

This week ends Week 7 of training. It feels like it's been so much longer.

This is my first real dirt line I've ever had from running.

After a big breakfast of eggs, toast, and coffee, we took a nap. Actually Daniel slept and I laid there. My body is refusing to nap lately.... no idea why.

Also, today I tried a new GU (bc I stole Daniel's). The chocolate mint flavor, and now officially my fave!! It tastes just like a peppermint patty and the texture was easier to handle too. Love.

And I did get word that I will probably not be able to run on my upcoming trip. So I'll have to take a 10 day break and ease back into it when I get back. Which is fine. I feel so sore right now, the break sounds amazing!

I'll post again tomorrow at least once cause there's just so much going on!!



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  1. Way to go on 12 miles! Question, can you get Gu there? I'd love to send you some of not! I wanna support your running; I'm so proud you've kept it up!!!