Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love & Running

Remember the marriage weekend Daniel and I went to back in October? You can read about it here.

Well, they are having another weekend in our city this summer. Daniel and I really believe in UME and the organization as a whole, so we really want to be involved and help as we can to make this next weekend just as meaningful for other couples as it was for us.
We had a few people over last night to talk about the next UME weekend. I used this opportunity to use my new heart plate from Amy, and to try something I had seen on Pinterest.

Look how cute this is!! And super easy!!

I just chopped off the top part of the red pepper and put homemade ranch dressing inside! I will definitely do this again!

I mainly took this next picture so you could see that we finally put pictures in our frames, after having hung the frames about 3 months ago, ha!

Check out the UME site and find an upcoming weekend near you! They have several coming up in Arkansas, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, and several International locations.

Hmmm what else is going on???

I haven't been running. I ran last Monday then all day Tuesday my right foot hurt when I walked. I think i got a callous or something, because the skin got really hard and raised, and was painful. I decided to rest a few days from running, but the pain has still been come and go.

I really want to run. Like, really. But at the same time, the weather is so gross here, I have very little motivation. Another thing I realized, is that when I ran in Oklahoma, I ran in the neighborhood behind our house, and there was never anyone was just really quiet and peaceful and I got a lot of thinking/destressing done while I ran.

But running here just stresses me out. I am constantly watching where I'm running to make sure I'm avoiding the people who decide to walk straight into me and stop, or for dog/human poop, cars, bikes, scooters, etc.... I use up so much mental/nervous energy when I run that I don't really get the peace and quiet that I want.

That's my excuse for how anyways......

My sister is running in a marathon relay next week. She's one of those people that doesn't run for a long time, then just goes out and runs 9 miles. It's semi annoying and semi impressive. Anyways.....she tells me this morning that it is a trail run and heard the course is "challenging." She's starting to get a little worried, since she's been running on flat roads. Either way, I'm excited for her to run in her first marathon, relay or not, it's pretty cool!

have a good weekend!



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