Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day and my movie star Husband

Tuesday was Valentine's Day!

Because we are just coming off of both our birthday's, anniversary, and Christmas, we decided not to do gifts for Valentine's Day. Also, because we're going to be on vacation on Friday, and there is Chili's in Malaysia...and believe me the best Western restaurant in town can just not compare. So we decided to just live it up when we go on vaca.

Random, but I did make this for breakfast. It was okay. I think I prefer regular oatmeal though. Which is actually what I had for lunch today.....i'm on a kick what can i say?

I LOVE Valentine's day! I know some people don't get into it because of the hype, but really why wouldn't you want to give out valentines to your friends and have an excuse to eat more chocolate?

Which is why I made Daniel chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple (his request), graham crackers, and marshmallows. I am a sucker for chocolate covered marshmallows....what could possibly be a better combination?

What's your favorite chocolate covered/dipped dessert??

I had extra chocolate so I ended up covering a homemade granola bar. Seriously, what can you not cover in chocolate??

I know this doesn't look that pretty, but yay for the cute heart plate!

We did end up going out for Valentine's though.....we had several friends going to dinner and then to see MI4, so we decided to join up! It was funny because it was us, another married couple, and close to 10 single girls. We always tease Daniel that it's always him and the ladies. Poor guy, he is always outnumbered!

And speaking of MI4......notice anything?!?!!?!??!

(this photo wasn't staged. It's actually from over 3 years ago)

Ya'll, it is insane how much they look alike!!! I was so distracted during the whole movie! If ya'll have seen it, or know my husband, I think you'll agree. When we were leaving the movie, I half expected Daniel to get mobbed for autographs or something.

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Well, I will always take that as a compliment. Even though it is a shade creepy.

  2. We thought so too. We actually watched Run Fatboy Run and then MI4 in a two week span, and through both movies, we thought he looked SO MUCH like Daniel. At least close enough to be blood brothers...

  3. What movie is Daniels twin in? My FAV chocolate covered treat is chocolate covered cookie dough bites. Yum! I made the one time for Mike's V day!