Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Monday

What? You didn't watch the Superbowl on monday morning??

Because we did.

We were supposed to be travelling this week, but it didn't work out (much to our disappointment). So we decided to kick our Monday off right by going out to eat for breakfast and trying to watch the Superbowl.

The commentating wasn't in English, which I'm sure some of you wouldn't mind, but I actually really like listening to the commentators. It makes it easier to follow the game if you're not actually watching it.

Anyways, between my french toast and coffee (with real sugar-I use splenda at home), I pretty much got the shakes and bordered on slipping into a sugar coma. Somehow, I pulled myself together long enough to go grocery shopping and getting nothing on my list because the store had nothing on my list.

After an extremely productive morning of eating....I decided to study because I have class tomorrow. And I get nervous going back to class after such a long break.

Then to put the icing on the productivity cake, I went for a run.

Sidenote: Daniel and I walked 6 miles on Saturday. I strapped on the Garmin and off we went. The big deal of the day was getting a fresh pineapple for less than a $1. It tastes amazing!

So the weather was very unseasonably nice today. It actually got up into the 50's and felt pretty good. The weather is supposed to return to 'yucky' by mid-week, so I knew I needed to push myself. So I ran 4 miles. Which if you're keeping track, you'll realize I haven't run over 3 miles in almost 2 months. Just call me consistent.

So pushed I did. And I realized can't run 3 miles once a week for 2 months and expect to keep a respectable pace. At least I can't. I was slow. But in my mind running 4 slow miles is better than running 3 fast ones (more calories.)

After my run, I showered and made Zuppa Toscana soup. It was super yummy!

I might end the day by studying more and drinking some hot chocolate!

Happy Superbowl Monday!



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