Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Come Away with Me

Last Thursday, Daniel and I boarded a train (Daniel's very first train ride ever, my first train ride in-country). We took a little vaca to a city just a few hours away. We didn't have any huge plans other than eating and relaxing. I believe we were successful.

I missed doing my 17 week recap, but i'll post the 17/18 weeks together this Friday. I did weigh myself before we left and realized I had lost a pound, but don't worry after these past few days, I should definitely be back on track for putting a few pounds on!

Our whole goal for this trip was to just relax. Not to try to see everything in the city, but to really just take some down time. It helped, that it rained Thurs-Saturday. And by rain, i mean torrential downpour almost the entire day. Which was lovely for us. We had a gorgeous hotel room with a great view, and english movie channels. The hotel had an indoor pool that was heated, which we went to a few times. I was pretty excited that my bathing suit fit!

We slept in, ate out, watched movies, ate ice cream, read, and went to Starbucks almost every day. It was SO nice not to have a plan or anything to do. We did splurge one night and had a steak dinner. It was the best steak I have EVER eaten! 

On Saturday we did decided to walk to a "nearby" restaurant. The city is laid out with lots of hills, it reminds me of what I imagine San Francisco would be like. Anyways.....we walked for a few hours and finally found what we were looking for. I woke up the next day and my calves were so sore....lame I know. 

When we got lost, we found the river. 

 Our last day we were walking and we saw a guy with a GAP bag. Be still my heart!!!! We asked the guy where the store was and found out it was kind of far away. I could not believe there was a GAP in the city the whole time and I didn't even know it! We raced to the GAP, which was only about 10 minutes by taxi. 

The GAP was 2 levels.....i was so excited. It didn't disappoint like the one in Malaysia did.

I asked if they had maternity clothes, and they didn't, but insisted on helping me find something. They showed me all of the weird long loose shirts that I would never wear, and then their stretch pants. I wasn't too disappointed that they didn't have anything for me, it was a long shot. BUT Daniel did find some jeans on sale, and after arguing persuading him to buy them, we all left pretty happy. 

Daniel let me hold his bag. 

We had an amazing time and it was hard to come back. It was a wonderful low key vacation and i'm so thankful we did it!

We've already hit the ground running, and started back to class today. 




  1. You look so cute and happy standing in front of the Gap - sweet Daniel letting you hold his bag!