Friday, October 12, 2012

23 Week Recap

I just finished week 23 and I feel GREAT! I really am enjoying this stage of pregnancy...I look pregnant and nothing is really uncomfortable or hurting. I'm so thankful this pregnancy has been as smooth as it has. I'm just hoping the next one isn't payback for how easy this one has been, ha!

How far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of Baby: Large Mango, about a foot long and a little over a pound

Weight Gain: 11 pounds

Gender: Girl

Movement: Every day, mostly after I've eaten

Sleep: Pretty good!

Maternity Clothes: All my pants are maternity and most my shirts. I'm wearing mostly maternity shirts because I like to wear my shirts long and my regular ones are too short.

Symptoms: I've been having to go the bathroom a lot more lately, I feel like i'm back in the first trimester. I feel like I'm about to burst, and then will hardly go anything. It's weird.

Aversions: Hamburgers

Cravings: Chocolate, warm/hot water, food in general

What I miss: Sleeping on my back

Best Moment of the week: Using Facetime to talk with my sister this morning and showing each other our belly bumps. Also, this week is the first time a local person told me that I didn't look pregnant. So far most locals comment (continuously) on how big my stomach is.

What I'm looking forward to: Eating!



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