Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girls Nite In

Daniel is travelling this week with a few friends, one of them being my friend's husband. With the boys gone, my friend planned a little Girls Nite In at her house last night for a few of us.

We had fudge brownies, rolos (from AMERICA!), popcorn, and hot drinks (it's been a lot cooler here lately).

My friend asked us to bring some old magazines to use for a craft project she had planned for us. I wish I had taken more pictures, because my friend had set up a cute craft station and also a mani/pedi station with lotions, towels, places to soak our feet etc....It was so cute!

Our craft last night was to cut things out of the magazine-words, pictures, etc...to make a collage of "Where are We now?" So the 5 of us cut thru magazines to make our collage of where we are now-our general feeling of where we are in life, how we feel about things going on, etc....then we shared it.

This was mine:

Yes, it is already hanging on my fridge. I had my nephews artwork hanging there, so it just made sense to add mine :)

The main theme for mine was Celebrate the Season. No matter where Father has me in life, or what part of the roller coaster (up or down), I feel like I am on-I want to celebrate whatever season He has me in. Easier said than done sometimes.

The cupcake, polka dots, and Valentine stand for our little girl, who is due around V day-and how much I want her to wear cupcakes and polka dots for life, ha! Then there's the pic of the sandwich because you better believe I will be having a huge lunch meat sandwich after our little one arrives. 

I just wanted to share this, I thought it was a great idea and craft to have at your next girls nite, or just to use as an icebreaker to get to know people better.

has anyone done this before?


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