Sunday, November 18, 2012

28 Week Recap

Wow, can we say big mama?! The last couple of weeks I would say I/Paige are going thru a growth spurt! What's shocking, is this my regular sweater, that still fits. I fee like i'm already running out of things that cover the belly. I'm afraid to be walking down the street one day with my belly showing and not even know it. But I already get tons of stares here, so might as well make it interesting right? ha

How far Along: 28 weeks

Size of Baby: Small Cabbage-around 16 inches long, 2.5-3 lbs

Weight Gain: 16 lbs

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia!

Movement: Not 24/7, she is definitely more of a night mover. But when she moves, my belly moves too!

Sleep: It's a little better. Still not great, but it's better.

Maternity Clothes: All pants, and most shirts

Symptoms: Back and hip pain, realllly dry skin

Aversions: None really

Cravings: Chocolate, hot water

What I miss: Not too much.....maybe eating lunch meat

Best Moment of the week: Sharing her name with everyone!

What I'm looking forward to: We were supposed to do the follow up ultrasound last Friday, but the dr changed it to this week. So i'm excited to see how much she's grown and how her kidneys are doing.



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