Tuesday, November 27, 2012

29 Week Recap

So sorry I am just now posting!! There has been some serious drama in the blogging world. I got a message saying that all my space was full so I couldn't post any pictures. I ended up just resizing this so it would let me post it. But I need to figure out how to add space without paying every month. If anyone has any ideas or tips, PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Okay.... so I'm practically 30 weeks by now, but this was taken when I was 29. And yes, I am wearing the exact same sweater as my last photo.....I'm running out of things that are long enough. I have plenty of shirts that are still too big (width wise), but are about 3 inches too short. I'm convinced I have a very long torso for someone who is only 5 feet. 

This week we put up the crib and it's starting to look like a nursery! If blogger will cooperate, I'll post pics in the next few days!

And random, but I went to the dr on Friday-the day after thanksgiving and also right after I ate mcdonalds. Probably the WORST time to ever be weighed! So before i even stepped on the scale, the dr said "So are you still like carbohydrates?" I was like ummm, you know......
I'm pretty sure my dr believes in only eating meat and veggies and that carbs are from the devil. But seriously, I believe in a well rounded diet and that includes bread :)

Also, we were with some friends this past weekend and my friend was nursing her almost 3 month old. He started making some really loud, kind of coughing noises. My other friends son, who is 5 looked at my belly and asked if that was my baby making that noise! Ha!

Also.......my nephew made Paige her own ornament that says Paige, and My first christmas! SOOOO sweet!!!

How Far Along: 29 Weeks

Size of Baby: Butternut squash-about 15-16 inches long, 3 lbs

Weight Gain: 17

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: She moves a lot!!!! It's starting to feel really weird the bigger she gets. She moves so much and it feels so weird, i'm wondering what she is doing in there!

Sleep: It's been better.

Maternity Clothes: All pants and most shirts-even though the sweater in the pic is a normal sweater. crazy!

Symptoms: Dry, sensitive skin. Back and hip pain.

Aversions: not really anything

Cravings: Hot water, chocolate

What I miss: Sleeping on my back

Best moment of the Week: We went to the dr this past Friday and had an ultrasound. He said the separation in her kidney's has shrunk and is barely even there!! And she is back on track for her size! We are so thankful she is doing well and everything looks really good!

What I'm looking Forward to: I have a baby shower tonight!!! My friends here are giving us a cupcake theme shower and I am beyond excited!!! If blogger doesn't hate me, I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

hope to be posting again soon!



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  1. Oh man, Laura - I got the same message from blogger about the pictures!! I'm wondering if they just changed some rules or something?? I don't know what to do either - I really don't want to pay :(

    In other news, you look great! Haha, and I can't imagine being weighed after thanksgiving AND while pregnant!