Thursday, November 1, 2012

Preggo Ramblings

Last week, when I had my glucose test we were at the dr's for over 4 hours. We had a lot of time on our hands, so Daniel took pictures of me drinking the glucose.

I tried to prepare myself for it to taste really gross. I don't have a really strong gag reflex, but I had prepared myself to drink something completely disgusting.

I'm not sure what it is like in the States (where I hear there are actually flavors), but here it wasn't that bad. I saw the white glucose powder in the bottom of the glass, then they mixed it with lukewarm water. I know what you're thinking...lukewarm....yum. 

It tasted okay. The first 2/3 wasn't bad at all. The last 1/3 was apparently where all of the glucose was, because the last few sips were a little of a struggle. 

So here's the story on the 4D ultrasound. Again, this is my first pregnancy, so I'm not sure how things are different than in the States. But, when I had my 20 week gender ultrasound, that's pretty much all they did....told me the gender (girl in case you missed that).

So I went in last week for the 4D and to do the congenital defect check. I heard that they would do the normal ultrasound to do all the checks, then go to 4D so we could look at our little sweet pea.

So for about 30 minutes they looked at EVERYTHING!! We struggled a little thru the language to ask what we were looking at sometimes. Shocking, but there are certain organ names like kidney that I haven't learned in class yet.

Then they went to 4D for about 2 seconds, turned off the machine, then told me I was done. I was pretty surprised and asked why, and they said her hand was in front of her face, so they couldn't get any good shots. I tried to explain to them I would be happy with a picture of her foot, I just wanted to see her in 4D. But they would not have it, so they cleaned me up, I had my blood drawn for the glucose test, and then we waited for the dr. I was really disappointed!

After an hour, he told us the ultrasound technician suggested we walk around to get my heart rate up and drink a lot of water to get her to move so they could try the ultrasound again. Had we known that for the last hour we'd been waiting, the information would have been helpful. So I had about 5 minutes, so i jogged in place while guzzling water.

They tried again, and we saw our little baby!!!! We have pictures of her face, arm, and feet. In one picture you can see her little arm is raised next to her head. We were also given a disc with several short videos showing her movement.

I keep trying to figure out who she looks like, but Daniel keeps telling me it's impossible to tell. My teacher however thinks she has Daniel's nose. 

The doctor did tell us that her kidneys have a slight separation to them, and she may not be passing urine correctly. He said we'll just watch it for now, and see if it heals up or continues to separate. From everything I've read, it doesn't sound too serious and I'm not too worried about it. We are praying that Father will completely heal her kidneys and it won't be a concern at all. We go back for another ultrasound in 2 weeks. 

Random, but as I've been getting bigger Daniel gets more and more protective. Walking is our main mode of transportation, so whenever we're near an intersection or even close to a motorcycle or car, Daniel reaches his arm out to keep me safe and tried to build a barricade around me.  I joked yesterday that maybe he should just put me on a leash, and instantly he said "are you kidding, leashes have way too much give to them." I laughed so hard! It's sweet how protective it is, he takes it very seriously! 

I've never had a contraction (as far as I know), but Sarah has them all the time, and I know it's not too uncommon to feel them every so often. So if I do get a random pain or anything in my stomach and Daniel asks me what's wrong, I just say 'oh don't worry, it's just a contraction.' I mostly say this because he can't handle it and it's fun to mess with him. He gets really uncomfortable if I even say the word contraction. I probably shouldn't tease him about it as much as I do, ha!

Also random, I have one teacher who continues to bring me food and wants me to eat it during class. I do let myself eat chocolate and sweets, but I also try to control when and how much I eat. But my teacher continues to bring candy and snacks for me to eat. Today she gave me 2 Snickers and told me I should eat them right then because it was a healthy snack with protein. I ate half then said i would save the rest for later. It's still a shocker to me that i haven't gained more weight.

What is also ironic, is both my teachers daily tell me my belly is getting big. They're convinced my stomach grows everyday...but they also continue to feed me non stop. I'm trying to see this as a compliment, that they really do just care about me. :)

And just to keep the randomness going....I've slept on the couch for the last 3 nights. I wasn't sleeping at all in our bed, and the hip pain was just becoming unbearable. I have several pillows I use for my head, back, legs, and stomach. I get in position with all of my pillows and Daniel tucks me in. I've also started doing some hip stretches at night to help. Something is working, cos the last two mornings are the first ones I've woken up without any hip pain. Today everything else hurts, but my hips don't, so that's something. 

Bless you for reading this far! Tomorrow is week 26 recap!




  1. I have this crazy notion that I'll be able to talk my midwife out of making me do the glucose test. But if I'm unsuccessful, I'm glad to hear your experience wasn't horrendous.

    I say it's very possible your baby has Dan's nose. I think Jameston and Evie had his nose when they were itty bitty, so I can only assume his nose genes are dominant!

  2. *Father, You have formed this baby girl. Touch her little kidneys and help them to function correctly. And help her mommy and daddy to continue to trust You to take care of her.*

    Your recaps are so fun as I remember my pregnancy from only a few months ago. I'm glad the hip pain has disappeared--hope the rest of the aches go away, too.