Saturday, November 17, 2012

What's in a Name?


Paige Olivia

Whenever we would talk about baby names, Daniel focused on the meaning of the name. If a name sounded great but didn't have a strong meaning, it went out the window. You can imagine how productive and fun our 'what should we name the baby' conversations went, ha!

For years, I have loved the name Paige for a little girl. Ever since we found out we were having a girl, we've called her Paige. But we had a hard time with the middle name. I am very thankful that Daniel was pretty quick to like the name Paige. It probably didn't hurt that I would refer to our baby as Paige all the time....slowly winning him over :)

So I forced suggested to Daniel (several weeks back), that we should go to Starbucks, take the baby name book, and get serious about naming our little girl. After throwing out a few random names, we found Olivia. We loved the way it sounded and felt like it really was the perfect completion for our little girls name.  

Here's why:

Paige-a servant, assistant, or one who brings a message
Olivia-Olive or olive tree, which symbolizes peace

So together, our hope is that our daughter will be

 "a messenger of peace, or one who brings peace."

We absolutely love her name and can't wait for her to get here!!!!!!

I have SOOO much to post, i'll try to get my weekly recap up later today, along with tons of other stuff that is happening.




  1. How fun! We chose Olivia for our daughter's middle name, too.

  2. Meanings are huge to us too! I LOVE this name!! ;) how exciting!!