Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 days in America

We've been in the States about 10 days now. It has really flown by! I'm shocked at how fast it has already gone.

This was our first full day-so if we look tired, it's because we are!

We both had a pretty rough time with jetlag....much more than usual. I think friday night is when I really started sleeping through the night.

Our first day back we went to Chick-fil-a, went grocery shopping (one of my favorite things!), and celebrated Daniel's birthday with his family at BJ's.

I've gone to Target and walked almost every single aisle. And actually only bought some chocolate milk-shocking I know. I also went to the mall and walked around a bit, and of course had to buy a few things for Paige. I found some great deals on a few onesies and just could not resist!

My niece, Adelyn Kate, was born last Wednesday. We've facetimed a few times and she is pretty cute! We're hoping Sarah can fly to my parents in Illinois in March for the little cousins to meet.

We're in Oklahoma and got a cold front over the weekend-which meant a fire in the fireplace! It's been so nice to sit and watch the fire and enjoy being warm indoors!

We all went to watch a Christmas light show this past Monday. It's been really fun to see the Christmas lights every night! I love that so many people decorate for Christmas.

Paige has been moving non stop these past few's by far the most I've ever felt her. I'm sure she is just a fan of American food :)

We're going to Dallas this weekend and I'm reallllly excited! I'm going to be able to see one of my long time friends and her little baby girl that she just had....I am loving all the little baby girls right now! And hello, it's Dallas...I'm going to try and hit up a few baby stores while I'm there too. 

My MIL and I got pedicures this week, and even though it's winter and no one sees my feet-it was SO enjoyable and my toes were in desperate need!

Those are my tidbits from the week! I'll be posting soon about some of the culture shock moments we've's been interesting adjusting back to american culture!

Have a good Wednesday!



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