Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kind of Nursery Reveal

So the nursery isn't completely perfect or finished yet.....and won't be until we return in April. We are about to take off for the States here in juts a bit.

So....I found that picking nursery bedding was way harder than I thought it would be. Especially since everything I looked at was online....made it hard to really find what i wanted and to be sure of the colors.

Anyways, I ended up getting the bedding here. It's called Babydoll, and I LOVE it! This room was Daniel's office/study room before. Now he studies and works in a large closet. It's cozy.

We originally planned for the paint to be much softer, but this is what came out. We really like it now. It's actually a lot brighter than the picture. It's almost exactly a Tiffany blue. Daniel painted the room and he did a fantastic job! 
I bought the rug on a local website here and seriously cannot believe how perfectly it matches! It's really thick too. I bought the crib online too.

We'll put little Paige in here in April!

Because we don't have closets here, I bought a massive wardrobe for her clothes. It looked much smaller in the store. 

The wall opposite the crib is a massive window seat. My plan is to put a cushion and pillows on it eventually.
The wall opposite the wardrobe has a small bookcase right now, but my plan is to buy a small dresser to use as a changing table and have extra storage.

Well...we're off to the airport! Pray for comfortable and smooth flights!



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