Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Countdown to Paige

Well.....I'm still pregnant :)

Saturday morning was a little rough...more tears and doubt. But after talking and praying with Daniel, we both feel pretty confident in going through with the induction tomorrow. It's still not my ideal, and in my perfect world we would wait forever until Paige came on her own. But I'm learning I'm not in control (ha!) and playing the "what if" game won't get me very far. 

I can confidently say we've been praying our hearts out asking for Paige to come before 6:30 tomorrow morning, or at least be in active labor before then. No pressure Paige, but you've got less than 11 hours :)

In all seriousness, we've talked through about every angle, and while it honestly does scare me to be induced, it's what we feel is right for now. I think what's hard is it NEVER entered my mind that I would be 2 weeks overdue and facing an induction. I guess I was more worried about her kidneys, or if she came early, or focusing on how to have the best natural labor, that it didn't occur to me to think thru the other possibilities. But I can't go back and change anything. 

Because this is clearly my first child, I have NO CLUE what labor is like or how to do it. I'm not sure anything would or could have prepared me, not matter if it was natural, induction, or c-section. But I think it's a lot like marriage. I was never married before, had zero marriage experience, and it was very scary and exciting to enter that new phase of my life with Daniel. I read the marriage books and prayed and was given advice and still had no clue what I was doing but still went through with it :)

And while I've prepared as much as I can for childbirth, I know that tomorrow will throw me for a loop and catch me off guard in some way. But I'm ready and excited! SO SO SO excited!!!!! Today, we got everything ready at the house and packed the hospital bags. And while things are looking different than I thought they would, I cannot wait to have and meet our daughter tomorrow! I'm not planning on sleeping at all tonight. I'm so nervous, but also so anxious and excited to finish this pregnancy with a chubby little girl in my arms!!! 

I go in at 6:30 am tomorrow, and if all things go well Paige will be here this time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! 

Continue to pray with us that labor still start tonight! And if we are induced tomorrow morning, that both me and Paige will have a smooth and uncomplicated labor and delivery.

Thank you so much friends-I have been so thankful for all of the love, support, and prayers you have each shared with me. 

Stay tuned for the birth announcement of Paige Olivia!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Looking forward to the announcement ( & Paige ) tomorrow (or tonight?) : )). Take comfort in knowing so many family & friends are praying...

  2. Praying for a smooth and safe delivery. It will all work out perfectly. Don't stress about the birth plan getting changed, even tomorrow. If you decide you need medicine for pain, get it. Or, if they say you need a c-section, don't worry.

    Just do what feels right for you, because once she is here you won't even be thinking about what went wrong with the plan.

    What an exciting day for you and Daniel!!

  3. I love your heart!
    Praying for you this morning and throughout the day. And for sweet baby Paige!

    You're going to be a momma today!!!!