Monday, February 11, 2013

40 Week Recap

(first, what is wrong with my face?! it's like i've never smiled before!)

Still here! I think I will start asking for a $1 for each question I get about if the baby is here yet or each time someone gives me advice on how to get her out. Kidding.....kind of.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and was dilated to a 2, which isn't a lot, but I was 0 before, so that's something. And still 75% effaced. I was given the option of inducing but I really want to avoid that if at all possible. So tomorrow I'll go back and get checked again, and have a non-stress test and check the amniotic fluid. As long as everything is okay, he'll let me keep waiting. To help pass the wait time, I've been going for walks. 

I woke up yesterday and honestly just felt 'different.' I told Daniel I wouldn't be surprised if Paige was here before the end of the day today. But it's already 5 pm and not much is going on....sooo....

Sarah, my sister, had all 3 of her kids 2 weeks early. So when I hit 40 weeks I called and told her I had already 1-upped her because she had never been pregnant as long as I have. She said "Yeah so you have nothing left to prove now! have the baby!"

Here's the Recap:

How Far Along: 40 Weeks+3 days

Size of Baby: Jackfruit -6-9 lbs, 18-21 inches long (i would be shocked if Paige was smaller than 8 lbs)

Weight Gain: 35 lbs

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: She's not slowing down! She moves pretty much all day long!

Sleep: It's okay. I've been having a hard time falling and staying asleep because I keep thinking about when I'll go into labor, or if I should've showered that day so I'm ready when it's time, or what if I forget to bring my brush to the hospital??

Maternity Clothes: Of course, I don't really have anything left anymore than covers the tummy. Most of the day is spent pulling my shirt down and pants up.

Symptoms: Back pain, some Braxton hicks, not sleeping

Aversions: Salad, Coke

Cravings: Ice cream, donuts

What I miss: Sleep, running

Best Moment of the Week: I read BigMama's, Sparkly Green Earrings and loved it! It was the perfect thing to read on my due date with my first baby. I loved it so much I made Sarah read it too, and she's loving it.

What I'm Looking forward to: Having our baby!

I know I've said this before, but I hope this is my last recap!



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